Colors of Shambala: What does Each Color Represent

Colors of Shambala: What does Each Color Represent

Shamballa bracelets are bracelets made from Shamballa beads that have been woven together. It can be worn or the beads simply handled during meditation. That’s because the primary aim with Shamballa beads is to focus one’s thoughts and enhance one’s well-being. That said, there is a belief or understanding that different colors used to create a Shamballa bracelet from your bead supply store can have different effects due to how emotions and the color spectrum are interlinked.

Interested to see how different shades of round, heart, oval, or spacer tube-shaped Shamballa beads can impact your mood? Take a look at the following impactful colors:

Colors of Shambala: The Different Colors & What They Represent

  • Red Shamballa Beads. Red is a powerful color that is associated with the Root Chakra located at the spine’s base and with passion. But passion shouldn’t just be associated with love and similar emotions. Passion also relates to bravery, from speaking in public to taking on an arduous athletic event. Wearing or meditating with red Shamballa beads like this one in light Siam can help to enhance your enthusiasm and help you tackle that upcoming event or activity.
  • Green Shamballa Beads. Green is connected with the Heart Chakra and is associated with harmony and healing. You might use green Shamballa beads like in Emerald or Peridot when creating bracelets with your jewelry-making supplies to make a meditation bracelet as this color can help to elevate your mental state to a more open and peaceful place.
  • Yellow Shamballa Beads. Yellow is a very important color that is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra is located in one’s stomach area and is the chakra most associated with self-worth and confidence. Thus wearing and connecting with yellow Shamballa beads can help to encourage positivity within one’s self, improving self-esteem and promoting a more optimistic view.
  • Blue Shamballa Beads. Blue is a color connected with the Throat Chakra which gets associated with communication and how others react to that communication, such as inspiring loyalty, creativity, and affection. Wearing blue Shamballa bracelets in aquamarine or blue zircon, either alone or interspersed with gold-filled beads, can help to focus your thoughts for better communication with those around you.

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Looking for a High Quality Shamballa Beads Supplier? You Have Come to the Right Place!

Looking for a High Quality Shamballa Beads Supplier? You Have Come to the Right Place!

Shamballa beads make beautiful jewelry. They are most commonly used in bracelets reflecting the Tibetan and Buddhist tradition. However, these shimmering beads also make stunning necklaces and earrings as well. These shimmering, disco-ball like beads are becoming increasingly popular for jewelry enthusiasts young and old, making them increasingly difficult to find. Fortunately, if you’re looking for colorful, high-quality Shamballa beads, you’re in the right place. Crystal Findings has an extensive variety of exceptional offerings.

High-Quality Czech Crystal Shamballa Beads

Our Shamballa beads feature a synthetic base studded with premium Czech lead glass crystal cubic zirconia. They are studded by hand and come in a rainbow of sparkling colors. Crystal findings offer a variety of Shamballa bead sizes and shapes, including:

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Despite the skyrocketing prices of many items due to shortages caused by the pandemic, we have kept our Shamballa beads at the lowest possible price for our customers. No matter where you are in the US, you can continue to enjoy affordably crafting jewelry, whether as a business or quarantine hobby. We offer most orders same-day shipping Monday-Friday, ensuring you get your beads and findings fast.  All orders are custom quantity preparations and bigger orders usually takes a day extra. There is no minimum order, and we sell to individuals and businesses.

Make a Striking Statement with Shamballa Bead Designs

Shamballa symbolizes a mystical, spiritual sanctuary reachable only by those who have achieved a deep karmic connection to spirit. It is believed to be a perfect place filled with love, enlightenment, and peace. Shamballa bead colors represent Sanskrit/Indian centers of spiritual power in the body, known as chakras. Each shade is associated with an aspect of physical and emotional well-being. We offer colors representing traditional Shamballa colors for the 7 chakras, in addition to other popular hues.

Note: We may not have all the colors available at all times, please contact us if you are unable to find a specific color and we will work with you.

Get to Know this Versatile Bead Style

Shamballa beads pair well with many jewelry styles, from premium knotting cord to simple hemp cord designs. Accentuate your jewelry with your favorite bead styles and colors, interspersing your Shamballa beads with gemstones and gold filled and silver beads and findings. When choosing accompanying beads, however, be sure each is large enough to accommodate two strands of cord.

New to Shamballa Bead Designs?

The trickiest part is the sliding clasp. Learn how to make Shamballa jewelry now with our latest tutorial. If it’s not already part of your regular design lineup, you’ll soon come to love its unique square knot macrame design and make it a staple in your repertoire.

Create stunning, must-have Shamballa jewelry from only the finest materials. Shop the wide variety of shimmering Shamballa beads at Crystal Findings today.

Wondering How to Choose your Color for a Shamballa Bracelet?

Wondering How to Choose your Color for a Shamballa Bracelet?

Crystal Findings offers sparkling Shamballa beads in so many colors, it’s hard to know which to choose. Opt for popular color combinations or choose the perfect hues to reflect the traditional origins of these infamous beads. While many select the shades of their Shamballa beads for their beauty, interest is growing in the spiritual benefits of particular jewels and colors used in Shamballa designs.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Shamballa Jewelry Design

Shamballa jewelry has a Tibetan and Indian Buddhist background. Shamballa bead colors represent the chakras, centers of spiritual power within the body. Each Shamballa bead color is believed to have a unique meaning and effect on particular aspects of your physical and emotional well-being:

  • Black
    This popular color inspires strength and fosters inner power. It helps with focus and calming of the mind. It is a favorite for masculine designs.
  • White
    White reflects innocence and purity, truth/integrity, and new beginnings. It fosters openness and kindness, brings clarity and peace, and supports physical and mental health.
  • Red
    Red reflects passion, sensuality, and emotion, inspiring motivation and enthusiasm. It supports a feeling of security and banishes fears, allowing you to move forward with confidence.
  • Orange
    This sacral chakra color is associate with emotion and intimacy. It increases feelings of affection and creativity, rekindling bonds and forgotten passions. Orange is also believed to balance emotions, relieving stress and blocks in life. It inspires boldness and bravery, fighting introversion and shyness.
  • Yellow/Gold
    Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, supporting self-confidence and will power. It is strongly associated with feelings of happiness, inner peace, stability, and control of the world around you. It stifles negativity, supporting logical, clear thinking.
  • Green
    This color of the heart chakra brings balance and harmony between the mind/body. It is linked with nature, producing a similar effect as exposure to nature would in the body: Serenity, calmness, and renewal. It is also believed to manifest luck, abundance, and wealth.
  • Blue
    Blue is associated with the throat chakra, evoking communication and inspiring trust, loyalty, and affection. Like the ocean, it inspires tranquility and healing, encouraging relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Indigo
    Associated with the third eye or intuition, the chakra located in the center of the forehead, indigo opens the mind and relieves creative blocks, spurring the imagination. It is the color of choice for inspiring confidence and connecting with your true identity.
  • Violet
    Violet is associated with the crown chakra at the top of the head. It promotes a higher understanding of self and life purpose. Violet is the color of royalty, grandeur, and creativity. Simultaneously stimulating and soothing, it brings balance, making it an ideal choice for those with physical and emotional issues, especially insomnia.

Note: We may not always carry all the colors listed above. Check our website to see the colors we have in stock at any time!

Shamballa Bead Shapes

Crystal Findings offers many varieties, including traditional round Shamballa beads, curved tube Shamballa beads, and heart-shaped Shamballa beads perfect for creating beautiful pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces, or making dress pins. All of our shimmering shades of Shamballa beads feature high-quality, manmade, lead glass Czech crystal cubic zirconia rhinestones.

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Shamballa Beads – What They Are and Tips for Using Them in Jewelry Making

Shamballa Beads – What They Are and Tips for Using Them in Jewelry Making

Shamballa beads, used for making beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, are steeped in history. Inspired by Tibetan and Indian Buddhism, these colorful, shimmering, disco-ball like beads are a favorite among jewelry makers, making a striking statement in any design. Shamballa is believed to be a magical, spiritual sanctuary reachable only by those who hold a deep karmic connection to spirit. A perfect place filled with love, enlightenment, and peace. Shamballa bead colors represent Sanskrit/Indian centers of spiritual power in the body, called chakras, each associated with an aspect of well-being.

Shamballa Designs

Shamballa beads are widely used for making bracelets. Shamballa designs are easy to recognize by their signature square knot design, which features special knots based on macrame techniques. Bracelet cord is woven, knotted, and braided into various designs, featuring different colors of shimmering Shamballa beads and gemstones.

Shamballa Bead Varieties

Shamballa beads begin with a synthetic base, which is studded by hand with Czech crystals – high quality, manmade, lead glass crystal cubic zirconia rhinestones. Crystal Findings offers many varieties, including traditional round Shamballa beads, curved tube Shamballa beads, and heart-shaped Shamballa beads perfect for creating beautiful pendants, bracelets,necklaces, or making dress pins. Many colors are available, including traditional Shamballa colors representing the 7 chakras, alongside many other popular hues.

Suggestions for Using Shamballa Beads in Jewelry Making

  • Choosing beads and cord
    Shamballa bead designs work well with many styles, from simple hemp cord designs to premium knotting cord. Accentuate your design with any beads you desire, interspersing your Shamballa beads with gemstones and gold and silver beads and findings. Just be sure beads are large enough to accommodate two strands of cord.
  • Shamballa design tips
    A clipboard or board with binder clip are necessary tools for creating square knot Shamballa bead designs, helping you secure cords as you work. You can add as many knots as you desire between beads, though most agree odd numbers of knots look best.
  • Mastering the sliding clasp
    The tricky part of Shamballa jewelry designs is creating the sliding clasp to finish your Shamballa bracelet design. However, once you learn this trick, making this popular jewelry staple is a snap. Here’s how it’s done:

    • Form your completed bracelet design into a circle. Overlap the anchor cords, tying them together temporarily with a string.
    • Clip the top to your clipboard/board and binder work surface.
    • Next, cut a 12-inch piece of cord. Center it beneath the 4 anchor cords.
    • Tie in square knots just like you did in your original bracelet design, continuing for about half an inch.
    • Sew the ends back in once that is complete, creating a section of knots capable of sliding back and forth on the anchor cords.
    • Take the tail knots and make slipknots 1-2 inches from the clasp on each of the anchor ends, allowing enough length to loosen the bracelet to fit over your hand. Add beads for stoppers to prevent the ends from sliding out of the clasp.

Note: We do not carry the knotting cords for making shamballa bracelets or necklaces. Our Shamballa beads come in small hole sizes only.

Get a more in-depth look at creating fun Shamballa bead jewelry designs on our blog.

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Make Quarantine Fun! Jewelry Making Using Shamballa Beads

Make Quarantine Fun! Jewelry Making Using Shamballa Beads

This simple Shamballa bracelet is sure to become a staple in your design lineup. With a square knot design, it can be modified to suit nearly any cord or bead style, but we love to use Shamballa beads for their sparkly flair. The hardest part is learning the trick for the sliding clasp.

Jewelry Making Supplies Needed:

    • About 12 feet of hemp, linen, cotton, or other bead cord.
    • Any kinds of beads you prefer, provided they are large enough for two strands of cord to fit through.
    • Scissors
    • Needle
    • Clipboard or board and binder clip
    • Flat or chain-nose pliers

How to Make a Shamballa Bracelet

  1. Cut two 2-foot pieces of cord and one 6-foot piece of cord. Clip the two anchor cords to your clipboard or board and binder clip work surface, leaving 8-inch tails. Center the long cord, perpendicularly, under the two anchors.
  2. Grab the long cord on the right side, looping it over the anchor cords, placing the right end over the left end.
  3. Next, bring the left end under the anchor cords and up through the loop on the right.
  4. Pull to tighten, creating one-half of a square knot. The second half is done the same, but beginning from the left: Left end over the anchors, under the right end. Right end under the anchors, through the left loop. Pull tight. You should now have a complete square knot.
  5. Repeat this process until you have the number of knots you prefer between beads. Pro tip: Odd numbers of knots look best.
  6. Continue tying the knots, placing beads in between, until your bracelet is the desired length.
  7. To finish the design, sew the tails up through the last section of knots, using pliers to assist you in pulling the need through.
  8. Snip off the ends cleanly.
  9. To make the sliding clasp, form your bracelet into a circle, overlapping the anchor cords. Temporarily tie the anchor cords together with a bit of cord.
  10. Clip the top to your clipboard or board and binder clip work surface. Cut a 12-inch piece of cord, centering it beneath your four anchor cords. Tie square knots as you did to create the original bracelet. Continue for ½-inch. Then, sew the ends back in. This section of knots will be able to slide back and forth on the anchor cords.
  11. Take the tail knots, making slip knots 1-2-inches away from the clasp on each pair of anchor ends. You can add beads here, too. These will act as stoppers, preventing the ends don’t slide out of the clasp. Leave enough length so you can loosen the bracelet enough to fit it over your hand.
  12. Repeat the process many times, making personalized Shamballa macramé bracelets for your family and friends!

Are you looking for inspiring new ideas to make quarantine fun? Check out our blog and browse our many exciting bead styles. Shop wholesale beads and jewelry supplies online at Crystal Findings today.