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Swarovski Crystal Beads buy onlineSwarovski crystal imitators are everywhere. When it’s time to buy Swarovski crystal beads online, don’t be fooled. Find a treasure trove of genuine Austrian Swarovski beads at Crystal Findings today and discover why our loyal customers have been buying from us for the last 20+ years!… Read More

What Makes Swarovski Beads and Crystals Special?

Swarovski beads and crystals are precision cut using a proprietary hydro-electric glass-cutting technique invented in the late 1800s by Bohemian glass cutter Daniel Swarovski. Allowing glass to be cut more precisely than by hand cutting, this process produces brilliant crystals. Now fifth-generation family-owned, Swarovski is now home to over 25,000 employees and produces a mind-boggling array of shimmering, multi-faceted gems.

‘A diamond for everyone.’
-Founder Daniel Swarovski

How Can You Tell if a Swarovski Crystal Bead is Real?

Swarovski crystals showcase a brilliant shine that far surpasses imitators, and on close inspection, will reveal no bubbles within the crystal. The surface of Swarovski crystals is crystal clear, with no scratches or hazy sheen. Machine made, crystal color, cut and sizing are identical. Distributed by authorized retailers, stones are packaged, loose, in a genuine Swarovski box.

A Bead for Every Color In the Rainbow, A Shape for Every Place in the Cosmos…

Crystal Findings carries Swarovski crystal beads online in an amazing array of shapes, colors, effects, and cuts, including:

  • Swarovski crystal round beads.
  • Geometric shapes, including square, polygonal, Diamond  shape/bicone, Rondelle, teardrop, and more.
  • Swarovski crystal Briolette beads.
  • Swarovski crystal Marguerite beads.
  • Swarovski crystal Helix shaped beads.
  • Swarovski crystal Disco ball style beads.
  • Flower, butterfly, and heart-shaped Swarovski beads.
  • Specialty fancy shapes, including crystal disc, modular, keystone, graphic, galactic, cosmic, aquiline.

Heavy Haul or Singular Centerpiece, We’ve Got Your Swarovski Swag Needs Covered

We carry one of the largest selection of Swarovski crystal beads in the US. From very small quantities to bulk Swarovski crystal beads, Crystal Findings can meet all of your jewelry making needs. Love to add the beauty of Swarovski beads to your retail/resale venue? Purchase Swarovski crystal beads wholesale, and have them delivered directly to your front door in whatever quantity you need.
On the hunt for a specific Swarovski shape or color? We’d be happy to help. Experience the amazing customer service, affordable pricing, and fast shipping speeds of Crystal Findings. Shop Swarovski crystal beads today.
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