Cloisonné Beads

Cloisonné Beads: Unique & Beautiful


Cloisonné beads, artfully adorned with metal and beautifully painted imagery, have been a popular method of decorating jewelry and religious imagery and artifacts such as rosaries, as well as adorning clothing, for centuries. Creating truly unique and beautiful pieces each and every time, this technique, practiced by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, French and Europeans, remains popular today.
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Cloisonné beads Set Your Art Apart

Cloisonne Beads for sale at Crystal findingsUsing a type of soldering or inlays, silver or gold is fixed in thin strips onto metal objects or beads, dividing the item into individual compartments. These objects are then hand painted, creating decorative geometric shapes into which images are affixed via enamel, then fired into permanence in a kiln, allowing for a colorful variety of adornments. Crystal Findings fine quality beads, as those of their predecessors, come in an array of sizes, colors, styles and prints, including…

  • Geometric Shapes
    Round, oval, triangular, tear drop, and heart-shaped Cloisonné beads.
  • Flattened Shapes
    Round (donut), oval, triangular, and tear drop beads.
  • Fancy Shapes
    Including cylindrical, Rondelle (coin), tube and shaped beads.
  • Novelty Shapes
    Such as ladybug, animal beads.
  • Twist-On and Clasp Style Beads
    Perfect for hidden treasure.

Dress-Up Any Size Project with Wholesale Cloisonné beads

Crystal Findings beads are for sale per piece or in quantity. Outfit your crafting stash or your retail location with Cloisonné beads wholesale, delivered directly to your doorstep. We house one of the largest bead collections in the US, including not only Cloisonné beads, but over 12,000 silver and gold filled beads, Bali beads, semi-precious stone beads, and specialty Swarovski crystal pendants and beads, alongside all of the jewelry making supplies and instruction manuals, organizers, display, and packaging you need for a soup to nuts setup.

Create distinctive, delightful art at affordable prices.  Discover our amazing customer service and fast shipping services. Place just one order, and begin a new era in your jewelry making or retail quest. Discover why Crystal Findings remains the top provider for crafters, hobbyists, and retail operations across the US today. Shop our beautiful array of high quality, hand painted Cloisonné beads. 
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