Swarovski Crystal Pendants

Swarovski Crystal Pendants Add Shimmering Sophistication

Add dazzling light refraction and movement to your upcoming piece with shimmering Swarovski crystal pendants. Instantly turning even the plainest of projects into works of art, the beauty and magnetism of Swarovski crystals are unsurpassed.
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One-of-a-Kind Brilliance: Swarovski Crystal Pendant Beads

Buy Swarovski Crystal Pendants at Crystal FindingsRenowned for their unrivaled color brilliance and precision facets, Swarovski crystal is considered the finest quality crystal in the world. Unlike imitators, authentic Swarovski crystal bears no bubbles, showcasing a surface that is crystal clear and smooth. Precision cut with proprietary hydroelectric glass-cutting techniques, the large beveled hole of pendants prevents fraying and can be strung through a medium-sized cord or chain. Precisely engineered, the color, cut, and sizing of each pendant are identical.

‘A diamond for everyone.’
-Founder Daniel Swarovski

Add the Intense Luminosity of a Swarovski Crystal Pendant to Your Upcoming Project

Crystal Findings carries one of the largest selections of genuine Swarovski crystal pendant beads in the US, including:

  • Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendants
  • Swarovski Crystal Star Pendants
  • Swarovski Moon Pendants
  • Swarovski Butterfly Pendants
  • Swarovski Flower Pendants
  • Swarovski  Shell Pendants
  • Swarovski Crystal Leaf Pendants
  • Swarovski  Cross Pendants
  • Swarovski Coral Pendants
  • Swarovski Briolette Pendants
  • Swarovski Baroque Pendants
  • Swarovski Tear Drop Pendants
  • Swarovski Bicone Pendants
  • Swarovski Column Pendants
  • Swarovski Avant-Garde Pendants
  • Swarovski De-Art Pendants
  • Swarovski Disc Pendants
  • Swarovski Rivoli Pendants
  • Swarovski Rhinestone Pendants
  • Swarovski Twist Pendants
  • Swarovski Cubist Pendants
  • Swarovski Galactic Vertical/Horizontal Pendants
  • Swarovski Crystal Cosmic Pendants
  • Swarovski Pendants in Octagonal and Polygonal Shapes

Single Stone to Multi-Jeweled, Show-Stopping Centerpiece, Our Swarovski Crystal Pendants for Sale have you Covered

Crystal Findings carries Swarovski crystal pendants for sale singly or in bulk, both for individuals and retail venues. A stockist of Swarovski crystals, our stones are packaged loose, in a genuine Swarovski box for easy assembly or showcasing at your store. Looking for the perfect accompaniment? Shop our shimmering rainbow of Swarovski crystal beads in a wide assortment of shapes, colors, and cuts – or our over 8,000 fine-quality silver and gold-filled beads, semi-precious stone beads, and other unique beading flairs.

Add luminosity and elegance to your upcoming piece with the simple addition of a Swarovski crystal pendant. Shop Crystal Findings today. 
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