6000 Swarovski Crystal Tear Drop Pendants

Add Glitz and Glam to Custom Accessories with Swarovski Crystal Tear Drop Pendants

When your custom jewelry needs a little extra something to stand out from the crowd, Swarovski crystal tear drop pendants are the answer. These crystals are long, slender beads with a wider 3D base. The top of each bead features a small hole that can be used to attach it to a larger piece. They hang elegantly from the wire, elastic, or string they’re threaded on, drawing the eye and daring others to look away. Read More

Swarovski crystal tear drop pendants are almost as versatile as they are beautiful. You can make one the centerpiece of your design by framing it with simpler crystal, gold-filled, or sterling silver luxury beads, allowing their plainer beauty to make the pendant’s elegant shape and glittering facets stand out even more. You can also string many of these pendants together with spacer beads to create a chunky necklace of mesmerizing shimmery droplets.

Order Real Swarovski Crystal Teardrop Pendants from the Comfort of Your Home

Swarovski crystal tear drop pendants are dramatic, elegant, and undeniably beautiful. Whether you incorporate them into your designs from the beginning or use them to add the finishing touch to your work, you’ll love the luxurious look they bring to all of your custom accessories. Stocking up on a few of these pendants in different colors will make sure that you always have some available to experiment with.

You can get authentic high-quality Swarovski crystal tear drop pendants at wholesale prices right here at Crystal Findings. Our stock comes in sizes up to 28mm long, making it easy to find the right fit for any custom accessory project. Check out our selection of Swarovski crystal tear drop pendants today and see how easy and affordable it can be to get your hands on these stunning supplies.