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Bored with the same old jewelry making fare? Uncover something new at Crystal Findings. Our amazing selection of beading supplies will open your eyes to new avenues in jewelry design… Read More


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Consistently High Quality

I love Crystal Findings Inc. I’ve been doing business with them for decades both in person at their store and online. The quality of the material is excellent. The attitude, cooperation, knowledge and experience of the staff are wonderful. The prices are fair and competitive. They’re the only vendors of a particular item that I love and buy all the time. The quality is consistently high.


Judith G

New York, NY, 10/01/2018

Very Personal Service

I’ve dealt with Crystal Findings Inc for more than 15 years. They get my orders out efficiently and it’s always precise and to the point of what I want. They do followups to get feedback which is nice. The price is average to lower than average. I like that it’s small and everyone knows everyone by voice when you call. It’s very personal, which is nice.


Wire World Designs C.

Lithonia, GA, 10/15/2018


Wearing Swarovski Rings Everyday: Is It a Good Idea?

Wearing Swarovski Rings Everyday: Is It a Good Idea?

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Cloisonne Beads: Ever Wonder What They Are Made Of?

Cloisonne Beads: Ever Wonder What They Are Made Of?

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Tips for Cleaning Swarovski Crystals Without Damaging Them

Tips for Cleaning Swarovski Crystals Without Damaging Them

What is the best way to care for your Swarovski crystal jewelry without damaging it? Swarovski jewelry should be enjoyed in all its shimmering splendor, but dirt can detract from its brilliance. Handcrafted Swarovski crystal jewelry is beautiful and...

A Wide Assortment of Beading Supplies, from the Stunning to the Fun

Crystal Findings has one of the largest collections of wholesale beading supplies in the USA, carrying tens-of-thousands of styles of only the finest quality bead and jewelry supplies at affordable prices, including:

  • Gold-Filled Beads: X% solid gold by weight, our fine quality gold-filled beads add lasting sparkle to any design.
  • Sterling Silver Beads: Fine quality .925 sterling silver beads and Bali beads, carefully crafted without seams to help you achieve high-end results.
  • Swarovski Crystal Pendants: Crystal clear, offering unrivaled color and dazzling light reflection, our genuine Swarovski crystal pendants are the perfect centerpiece for any design.
  • Swarovski Crystal Beads: Shimmering, multifaceted Swarovski crystal beads are beautiful alone, adding sparkle and flair to any design – or when used flanking pendants… Read More