Shamballa Beads

Add Excitement and a Touch of Magic with Shamballa Beads…

Shamballa beads make a beautiful addition to nearly any piece, whether for their spiritual influence, or looks alone. Bearing a shimmering appearance similar to that of a disco ball or multi-faceted diamond, the sparkling shine of these beads makes a stunning statement in any design.
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Sparkling Color & Beauty:  Shamballa Beads

Buy High Quality Shamballa Beads Online at crystal FindingsPeople often don Shamballa bracelets for their beauty, but many are developing an interest in the meaning and benefits of wearing particular jewels and colors. Though additional colors have been added, traditionally Shamballa beads encompassed the 7 colors associated with chakras – Sanskrit/Indian centers of spiritual power within the body, each associated with a specific facet of well-being. Our high quality beads include both traditional colors, and many more…

  • Red Shamballa Beads
    Base/root chakra.
    Associated with passion, sensuality, confidence/bravery, enthusiasm/vitality, humanity.
  • Yellow & Gold Shamballa Beads
    Third/solar plexus chakra.
    Associated with purpose, self-confidence, will power, intelligence/logic, happiness/optimism, and creativity.
  • Green Shamballa Beads
    Heart chakra.
    Associated with balance and harmony, healing/care, acceptance/generosity, traits of compassion and romance.
  • Blue Shamballa Beads
    Throat chakra.
    Associated with expansion through communication, trust/caution, inspiration, loyalty and affection.
  • Violet Shamballa Beads
    Crown chakra, top of head.
    Associated with bliss, spirituality, clarity/enlightenment, kindness/selflessness, promotes understanding/wisdom/awareness of self.
  • Indigo
    ‘Third eye’ chakra, mid-forehead.
    Associated with intuition and imagination, wisdom, idealism, and fearlessness.
  • Orange
    Sacral chakra.
    Associated with balance, energy, enthusiasm, confidence, intimacy/sensuality; releases stress/blocks in your life.
  • White Shamballa Beads
    A mix of all colors, and thus considered the color of perfection.
    Associated with clarity and purity/perfection, innocence/new beginnings, truth/integrity.
  • Black Shamballa Beads
    Absence of color.
    Associated with strength, authority, power, formality, and mystery. A popular choice for men.

From a Single Glistening Stone, to a Tower of Jewels

Whether you need a single stone for a personal project, are looking to save on Shamballa beads in bulk, or furnish your store with sparkling Shamballa beads wholesale, Crystal Findings has you covered. We also have round and tube spacer beads in birth month colors. One of the largest distributors of Shamballa beads in the USA, the quality of our beads and accessories is second-to-none. Shamballa round and heart beads, heart pendants, and curved tubes comes in birth month colors.

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