5020 Swarovski Crystal Helix Beads

Bring Your Daring Designs to Life with Swarovski Helix Beads

When simple round beads just won’t do, try Swarovski helix beads instead. These glimmering crystal beads feature a subtle twist that gives them their unique shape. Not quite a bicone, an oval, or a square, they bring a tonne of visual interest to any accessory. This one-of-a-kind structure combined with their gorgeous crystalline shimmer makes them great tools for jewelry-makers seeking to push the limits of their craft. Read More

Add Swarovski crystal helix beads to a necklace or bracelet to create a string with a striking profile, or pair them with a few gold filled beads to really let their beauty shine. Stick to a single color or mix and match different hues to assemble a glittering rainbow of beads. These beads are beautiful and versatile enough to enhance any custom jewelry design.

Stock Up on Swarovski Crystal Helix Beads Now

Swarovski crystal helix beads are unlike any other bead or finding on the market. They’re perfect for crafters who want to create something truly special. Whether you’re making a new line of accessories for your custom jewelry shop or a couple of gifts for friends and family, adding some of these crystal beads to your creations is sure to spice things up.

Crystal Findings’ selection of Swarovski crystal helix beads makes it easy to stock up on these unique beads with the touch of a button. Our beads are made from the same real Swarovski crystals you’ll find at jewelry stores and brick-and-mortar beading supply shops, but our wholesale business model lets you take advantage of incredible savings. Order as many as you need and have them shipped right to your doorstep in record time. Browse our stock of Swarovski crystal helix beads today and start creating luxury jewelry that you won’t find anywhere else.
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