Shamballa beads, used for making beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, are steeped in history. Inspired by Tibetan and Indian Buddhism, these colorful, shimmering, disco-ball like beads are a favorite among jewelry makers, making a striking statement in any design. Shamballa is believed to be a magical, spiritual sanctuary reachable only by those who hold a deep karmic connection to spirit. A perfect place filled with love, enlightenment, and peace. Shamballa bead colors represent Sanskrit/Indian centers of spiritual power in the body, called chakras, each associated with an aspect of well-being.

Shamballa Designs

Shamballa beads are widely used for making bracelets. Shamballa designs are easy to recognize by their signature square knot design, which features special knots based on macrame techniques. Bracelet cord is woven, knotted, and braided into various designs, featuring different colors of shimmering Shamballa beads and gemstones.

Shamballa Bead Varieties

Shamballa beads begin with a synthetic base, which is studded by hand with Czech crystals – high quality, manmade, lead glass crystal cubic zirconia rhinestones. Crystal Findings offers many varieties, including traditional round Shamballa beads, curved tube Shamballa beads, and heart-shaped Shamballa beads perfect for creating beautiful pendants, bracelets,necklaces, or making dress pins. Many colors are available, including traditional Shamballa colors representing the 7 chakras, alongside many other popular hues.

Suggestions for Using Shamballa Beads in Jewelry Making

  • Choosing beads and cord
    Shamballa bead designs work well with many styles, from simple hemp cord designs to premium knotting cord. Accentuate your design with any beads you desire, interspersing your Shamballa beads with gemstones and gold and silver beads and findings. Just be sure beads are large enough to accommodate two strands of cord.
  • Shamballa design tips
    A clipboard or board with binder clip are necessary tools for creating square knot Shamballa bead designs, helping you secure cords as you work. You can add as many knots as you desire between beads, though most agree odd numbers of knots look best.
  • Mastering the sliding clasp
    The tricky part of Shamballa jewelry designs is creating the sliding clasp to finish your Shamballa bracelet design. However, once you learn this trick, making this popular jewelry staple is a snap. Here’s how it’s done:

    • Form your completed bracelet design into a circle. Overlap the anchor cords, tying them together temporarily with a string.
    • Clip the top to your clipboard/board and binder work surface.
    • Next, cut a 12-inch piece of cord. Center it beneath the 4 anchor cords.
    • Tie in square knots just like you did in your original bracelet design, continuing for about half an inch.
    • Sew the ends back in once that is complete, creating a section of knots capable of sliding back and forth on the anchor cords.
    • Take the tail knots and make slipknots 1-2 inches from the clasp on each of the anchor ends, allowing enough length to loosen the bracelet to fit over your hand. Add beads for stoppers to prevent the ends from sliding out of the clasp.

Note: We do not carry the knotting cords for making shamballa bracelets or necklaces. Our Shamballa beads come in small hole sizes only.

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