This simple Shamballa bracelet is sure to become a staple in your design lineup. With a square knot design, it can be modified to suit nearly any cord or bead style, but we love to use Shamballa beads for their sparkly flair. The hardest part is learning the trick for the sliding clasp.

Jewelry Making Supplies Needed:

    • About 12 feet of hemp, linen, cotton, or other bead cord.
    • Any kinds of beads you prefer, provided they are large enough for two strands of cord to fit through.
    • Scissors
    • Needle
    • Clipboard or board and binder clip
    • Flat or chain-nose pliers

How to Make a Shamballa Bracelet

  1. Cut two 2-foot pieces of cord and one 6-foot piece of cord. Clip the two anchor cords to your clipboard or board and binder clip work surface, leaving 8-inch tails. Center the long cord, perpendicularly, under the two anchors.
  2. Grab the long cord on the right side, looping it over the anchor cords, placing the right end over the left end.
  3. Next, bring the left end under the anchor cords and up through the loop on the right.
  4. Pull to tighten, creating one-half of a square knot. The second half is done the same, but beginning from the left: Left end over the anchors, under the right end. Right end under the anchors, through the left loop. Pull tight. You should now have a complete square knot.
  5. Repeat this process until you have the number of knots you prefer between beads. Pro tip: Odd numbers of knots look best.
  6. Continue tying the knots, placing beads in between, until your bracelet is the desired length.
  7. To finish the design, sew the tails up through the last section of knots, using pliers to assist you in pulling the need through.
  8. Snip off the ends cleanly.
  9. To make the sliding clasp, form your bracelet into a circle, overlapping the anchor cords. Temporarily tie the anchor cords together with a bit of cord.
  10. Clip the top to your clipboard or board and binder clip work surface. Cut a 12-inch piece of cord, centering it beneath your four anchor cords. Tie square knots as you did to create the original bracelet. Continue for ½-inch. Then, sew the ends back in. This section of knots will be able to slide back and forth on the anchor cords.
  11. Take the tail knots, making slip knots 1-2-inches away from the clasp on each pair of anchor ends. You can add beads here, too. These will act as stoppers, preventing the ends don’t slide out of the clasp. Leave enough length so you can loosen the bracelet enough to fit it over your hand.
  12. Repeat the process many times, making personalized Shamballa macramé bracelets for your family and friends!

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