Shamballa bracelets are bracelets made from Shamballa beads that have been woven together. It can be worn or the beads simply handled during meditation. That’s because the primary aim with Shamballa beads is to focus one’s thoughts and enhance one’s well-being. That said, there is a belief or understanding that different colors used to create a Shamballa bracelet from your bead supply store can have different effects due to how emotions and the color spectrum are interlinked.

Interested to see how different shades of round, heart, oval, or spacer tube-shaped Shamballa beads can impact your mood? Take a look at the following impactful colors:

Colors of Shambala: The Different Colors & What They Represent

  • Red Shamballa Beads. Red is a powerful color that is associated with the Root Chakra located at the spine’s base and with passion. But passion shouldn’t just be associated with love and similar emotions. Passion also relates to bravery, from speaking in public to taking on an arduous athletic event. Wearing or meditating with red Shamballa beads like this one in light Siam can help to enhance your enthusiasm and help you tackle that upcoming event or activity.
  • Green Shamballa Beads. Green is connected with the Heart Chakra and is associated with harmony and healing. You might use green Shamballa beads like in Emerald or Peridot when creating bracelets with your jewelry-making supplies to make a meditation bracelet as this color can help to elevate your mental state to a more open and peaceful place.
  • Yellow Shamballa Beads. Yellow is a very important color that is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra is located in one’s stomach area and is the chakra most associated with self-worth and confidence. Thus wearing and connecting with yellow Shamballa beads can help to encourage positivity within one’s self, improving self-esteem and promoting a more optimistic view.
  • Blue Shamballa Beads. Blue is a color connected with the Throat Chakra which gets associated with communication and how others react to that communication, such as inspiring loyalty, creativity, and affection. Wearing blue Shamballa bracelets in aquamarine or blue zircon, either alone or interspersed with gold-filled beads, can help to focus your thoughts for better communication with those around you.

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