Shamballa beads make beautiful jewelry. They are most commonly used in bracelets reflecting the Tibetan and Buddhist tradition. However, these shimmering beads also make stunning necklaces and earrings as well. These shimmering, disco-ball like beads are becoming increasingly popular for jewelry enthusiasts young and old, making them increasingly difficult to find. Fortunately, if you’re looking for colorful, high-quality Shamballa beads, you’re in the right place. Crystal Findings has an extensive variety of exceptional offerings.

High-Quality Czech Crystal Shamballa Beads

Our Shamballa beads feature a synthetic base studded with premium Czech lead glass crystal cubic zirconia. They are studded by hand and come in a rainbow of sparkling colors. Crystal findings offer a variety of Shamballa bead sizes and shapes, including:

Affordable Pricing

Despite the skyrocketing prices of many items due to shortages caused by the pandemic, we have kept our Shamballa beads at the lowest possible price for our customers. No matter where you are in the US, you can continue to enjoy affordably crafting jewelry, whether as a business or quarantine hobby. We offer most orders same-day shipping Monday-Friday, ensuring you get your beads and findings fast.  All orders are custom quantity preparations and bigger orders usually takes a day extra. There is no minimum order, and we sell to individuals and businesses.

Make a Striking Statement with Shamballa Bead Designs

Shamballa symbolizes a mystical, spiritual sanctuary reachable only by those who have achieved a deep karmic connection to spirit. It is believed to be a perfect place filled with love, enlightenment, and peace. Shamballa bead colors represent Sanskrit/Indian centers of spiritual power in the body, known as chakras. Each shade is associated with an aspect of physical and emotional well-being. We offer colors representing traditional Shamballa colors for the 7 chakras, in addition to other popular hues.

Note: We may not have all the colors available at all times, please contact us if you are unable to find a specific color and we will work with you.

Get to Know this Versatile Bead Style

Shamballa beads pair well with many jewelry styles, from premium knotting cord to simple hemp cord designs. Accentuate your jewelry with your favorite bead styles and colors, interspersing your Shamballa beads with gemstones and gold filled and silver beads and findings. When choosing accompanying beads, however, be sure each is large enough to accommodate two strands of cord.

New to Shamballa Bead Designs?

The trickiest part is the sliding clasp. Learn how to make Shamballa jewelry now with our latest tutorial. If it’s not already part of your regular design lineup, you’ll soon come to love its unique square knot macrame design and make it a staple in your repertoire.

Create stunning, must-have Shamballa jewelry from only the finest materials. Shop the wide variety of shimmering Shamballa beads at Crystal Findings today.