These Exquisite Pendants from Swarovski will Make Any Necklace Shine! Part 2

These Exquisite Pendants from Swarovski will Make Any Necklace Shine! Part 2

Welcome to Part II of our two-part series looking at four of the very best pendants available at our Swarovski crystal beads online store. In the previous article, we talked about the frequently trending Tear Drop and Baroque pendants, and now we’ll discuss the final two of our four best-selling, ever-popular Swarovski pendants:

Four Exquisite Pendants From Swarvoski That Will Make Your Necklace & Neckline Shine

Part II


Moon Pendants

The moon is a significantly important celestial body that cultures of every age, from every corner of the globe, have created stories of as well as pieces of art in reflection of. For many of these ancient civilizations, the moon often was associated with some female deity. The half moon in particular was often seen as a sign of fertility and hence, even more associated with the feminine aspect.

When people thus refer to moon pendants, they are most often thinking of those crystal pendants that are designed in the shape of a crescent moon. These are certainly one of the top-selling Swarvoski crystal pendants we sell at our online store. We have them in three different sizes and several gorgeous colors, including jet black and a topaz color reminiscent of the harvest moon.

Heart Pendant

How could we create any list of the most popular pendants and not include the forever favorite heart shape? Hearts are another symbol used the world over, with examples reaching as far back as the Indus Valley civilization over 4000 years ago. Archeologists studying that culture have found pendants embossed with heart-shaped fig leaves and believe this is another symbol often used in connection with fidelity and fertility.

Today, we connect it likewise with fidelity as well as with love of all types. You might give a heart pendant to a friend, sibling, parent, child, or someone whom you care deeply about. Whatever the reason, we can’t help but showcase our beautiful Swarovski heart pendants. We have this one available in two unique sizes.

The first style is this Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant that is larger, featuring greater depth. This style is a fantastic choice for longer chain lengths and for when you want a statement piece that will really reflect the light. The other style of heart-shaped pendants we have available with our beading supplies online is this flatter Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant. You’ll find that this pendant works exceptionally well with shorter chains, such as if you are trying to find a piece for a choker-styled necklace, thanks to its lying a bit flatter.

Visit Our Online Store for Even More Fantastic Pieces

Of course, to use any of the four Swarovski pendants we showcase across these two articles, you will first need other beading supplies and tools, like chains and clasps. Visit our online store of Crystal Findings today to view these and other fantastic pieces!

3 Essential Tools For Beginners in Jewelry Making

3 Essential Tools For Beginners in Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is a fantastic hobby, one that can easily be called its own art form due to the maker’s ability to create whatever special designs call to them. What unique designs and jewelry styles call you? Whichever they are and for whomever your future pieces are for, you will need to the right jewelry making supplies and tools before you get started. The following is a quick look at the most essential tools for beginner jewelers that you will want to get before you start buying beading supplies online.

3 Essential Tools for Beginners in Jewelry Making

  • Wire Cutters. Wire cutters should be the very first thing you purchase as it will be close to impossible to cleanly cut and create most necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more without them. Wire cutters cleanly cut the stringing wire and pieces like eye pins that you’ll thread your gold filled beads and findings on. Some people think that they can get by with scissors or with old wire cutters that are being repurposed. Don’t. Scissors and old cutters will cause fraying on the wire, which will lead to imperfect ends that are hard and frustrating to work with.
  • Round nose pliers. Pliers are so important to jewelry making that the specific style of round nose pliers was designed specifically with jewelers in mind. Round nose pliers have a jaw that tapers to a point and enables the user to perfectly position the wire for a desired looping size. Round nose pliers also help with side tasks like holding clasps open when stringing on sterling silver beads.
  • Crimping tool. If you want to keep costs low when you’re first starting out, you can use a chain nose or flat nose plier for this task but it really isn’t recommended. That’s because flat nose pliers work more by smashing the wire down, a process that often creates sharp edges that are unsightly and can scratch the skin, causing discomfort or pain. Instead, consider investing in special crimping pliers or a specific crimping tool. Tools labeled as crimping tools feature special notches within their jaws that will round out and flatten the crimping bead as it secures onto the wire. This creates a clean finish that looks good (think professionally good) and doesn’t have uneven edging.

Got These Tools in Hand? Now it’s Time to Start Making Your Own Beautiful Pieces!

Truly, once you have the above three essential tools for jewelry making, you will be able to hit the ground running! These tools will really help streamline the jewelry-making process and help you finish with more beautiful, professionally-looking pieces. Of course, first, you will need to order your jewelry supplies, like beads and findings. Visit our online store at Crystal Findings today to do just that so you can get started with making your beautiful signature pieces in short order!

Sizzling Ideas for Creating Jewelry for Summer 2022

Sizzling Ideas for Creating Jewelry for Summer 2022

The snow has melted and the days are getting longer; key signs that summer has finally come. And with that warmer weather comes new ways of dressing up and bringing out one’s favorite pieces. Looking for new ways to make your own sizzling summer pieces with your jewelry making supplies? Consider the following exciting summer jewelry ideas:

Four Sizzling Ideas for Creating Jewelry for Summer 2022

  1. Bright and bold colors. When one thinks of summer, one of the first things that come to mind is the bright light of the sun. So much of what people enjoy most about this season happens outdoors, like swimming and backyard barbecues. As such, bright and bold colors are always a good choice for jewelry pieces. Think bright color beads and the inclusion of gold filled beads and findings which often boast their own bright sunny appearance.
  2. Chunky and multi-layered bracelets. Chunky bracelets and those bracelets that feature multiple layers also make for fantastic summer pairings. The reason for this is because, during the summer, you often wear things that more expose your arms, such as spaghetti-strap sundresses and tank tops. Chunky and multi-layered bracelets offer a nice contrast to draw the eyes. You can keep things simple with alphabet letter beads interspaced with your favorite filling beads, such as bone or sterling silver beads.
  3. Choker and short necklaces. Choker and short necklaces are ideal summer jewelry for the same reason that chunky and multi-layered bracelets are — they are going to really accent the more visible neck. A simple ring of pearl beads is a fantastic addition to just about any summer outfit, casual or more formal.
  4. Ocean or beach-themed jewelry. Are you a person who loves pendants and adding in more structured pieces? Then, when you buy beading supplies online, look for things that can help you create more ocean or beach-themed pieces. Ocean and beach-themed pendants are great summer pieces because they remind us of the things we most want to do and experience during the season, in a similar way that evergreen tree and star pendants are perfect for winter jewelry. So good choices here might be starfish and turtle pendants that help keep that summer spirit in sharp focus.

Visit Crystal Findings for More Special Summer Pieces

We hope this quick look at four sizzling summer jewelry ideas has helped to inspire you and get you thinking about the next creative pieces you want to create, whether that’s for yourself, your friends, or even for sale. But before you start creating, you need supplies! Visit our online store to enjoy a broad array of online beading supplies and jewelry-making packages that will help you build those perfect pieces for yourself, for gifts, and for sale.

Buying Beads? Here’s When to Choose Gold or Silver

Buying Beads? Here’s When to Choose Gold or Silver

The fantastic thing about jewelry is that there are just so many options for one to choose from. Today’s jewelry comes in an abundance of shapes, sizes, styles, types, and, of course, materials, that for whatever look you want, you can rest assured their is a perfect piece for you. That said, while there is a variety of materials that jewelry comes made out of, nothing is more classic than gold or silver.

Here at Crystal Findings, gold filled and sterling silver beads continue to be one of our biggest sellers, undoubtedly because of just how classic this jewelry looks and feels. But which type of beads are right for your next custom piece? Let’s take a look at some tips for when you should choose gold filled beads and findings and silver options:

Buying Beads: When to Choose Gold or Silver

Consider your skin warmth and the look you want.

Traditionally, the choices between gold and silver depended upon the person wearing them. This is because jewelry has your skin as the backdrop, in other words, the skin is the canvas and the jewelry the paint. Choosing between gold filled beads versus silver beads is about looking at which material will look best against the backdrop of your body.

Generally speaking, those with cooler undertones (think pink to blue for fair skin and purple to red for darker skin tones) look best with silver, while those with warmer undertones (think yellowish in fair to light-medium skin tones and peachy to golden in deeper skin tones) look best with gold.

Consider your outfit.

Remember what we said about jewelry and backdrops as your skin is not the only thing that serves as a backdrop, so too does your outfit. This is especially true during the winter when you are apt to wear long-sleeved items as well as clothing that covers your shoulders and high necklines. For these times, you might still use that traditional guide of gold for warmer colors and silver for cooler colors, only now you are going to use your clothing as the guide.

The one caveat to the shade argument is that if you are wearing a full black outfit. For full black outfits, both silver and gold or gold-filled beads will create a very striking appearance. Meanwhile, for all-white outfits or tops, gold is preferred as silver often gets lost or looks muted in white.

Shop for Your Beads at Crystal Findings

When it comes to the best in available beading supplies online, no one has the selection as our online store at Crystal Findings. Browse our inventory today to find your jewelry-making supplies and start making your ideal gold-filled or silver beaded jewelry this week!

Unique Beaded Necklace Collection

Unique Beaded Necklace Collection

Here at Crystal Findings, we specialize in selling the widest selection of
beading supplies online. We offer beads in every size and just about every style and material that you can think of because our team is passionate about helping others follow their dreams or love of making their own jewelry. That said, sometimes you don’t have time to make your own pieces for an event or special occasion in which you want to give a piece as a gift. Or maybe you’re just getting started and you want to see how final products might look and feel. For those situations, our unique Ready Made Necklace collection is perfect.

Our unique ready-made beaded necklaces were all made from jewelry components we ourselves sell. This includes necklaces made of our gold-filled beads and findings as well as pendants and chains. Let’s take a look and you can decide for yourself whether one of these pieces calls out to you, or inspires you to start shopping for the pieces with which we made them:

Crystal Findings Unique Beaded Necklace Collection

  • #12026 14K Gold Filled Necklace With Swarovski Leaf Pendant. This gorgeous piece features round and tubular gold-filled beads that are interspaced with crystalline beads. This is a necklace that would look fantastic paired with a darker jacket or dress. The highlight is a stunning Swarovski leaf pendant that dazzles when light strikes it just so.
  • #12041 – Gold Filled Necklace With Swarovski Crystal – Jet & Rose. This is a wonderful patterned necklace that features both gold-filled beads and our special Swarovski crystal beads. At the front of the necklace, the crystal beads are interspersed to give a more alluring look. We particularly love how the 5mm Swarvoski light rose crystal beads pair with the jet black ones here. The ready-made necklace comes in a variety of sizes so that you can choose to go small for a more choker style necklace or go for the largest 20-inch version for a piece that will hang well below your collar bones.
  • #12044 – Gold Filled Necklace With Star & Swarovski Crystal Beads. This special ready-made necklace is perfect when you want something that is simple but has a standout appearance. This necklace features our star beads that have gold stars imprinted on synthetic frosty beads along with the gold-filled beads. We find that these beads are often in high demand before American-related holidays like the Fourth of July and Labor Day. So if you’re looking to don this starry necklace (or want to make your own) for a big event related to these styles of holidays, make sure you order well in advance!

View Our Store Today to Get Started

Our team is proud of our ready-made necklace collection, but we also know that most of our customers prefer to make their own. So make sure to check our jewelry-making supplies online if the above gave you inspiration so you can copy and create your own fantastic beaded looks!