The fantastic thing about jewelry is that there are just so many options for one to choose from. Today’s jewelry comes in an abundance of shapes, sizes, styles, types, and, of course, materials, that for whatever look you want, you can rest assured their is a perfect piece for you. That said, while there is a variety of materials that jewelry comes made out of, nothing is more classic than gold or silver.

Here at Crystal Findings, gold filled and sterling silver beads continue to be one of our biggest sellers, undoubtedly because of just how classic this jewelry looks and feels. But which type of beads are right for your next custom piece? Let’s take a look at some tips for when you should choose gold filled beads and findings and silver options:

Buying Beads: When to Choose Gold or Silver

Consider your skin warmth and the look you want.

Traditionally, the choices between gold and silver depended upon the person wearing them. This is because jewelry has your skin as the backdrop, in other words, the skin is the canvas and the jewelry the paint. Choosing between gold filled beads versus silver beads is about looking at which material will look best against the backdrop of your body.

Generally speaking, those with cooler undertones (think pink to blue for fair skin and purple to red for darker skin tones) look best with silver, while those with warmer undertones (think yellowish in fair to light-medium skin tones and peachy to golden in deeper skin tones) look best with gold.

Consider your outfit.

Remember what we said about jewelry and backdrops as your skin is not the only thing that serves as a backdrop, so too does your outfit. This is especially true during the winter when you are apt to wear long-sleeved items as well as clothing that covers your shoulders and high necklines. For these times, you might still use that traditional guide of gold for warmer colors and silver for cooler colors, only now you are going to use your clothing as the guide.

The one caveat to the shade argument is that if you are wearing a full black outfit. For full black outfits, both silver and gold or gold-filled beads will create a very striking appearance. Meanwhile, for all-white outfits or tops, gold is preferred as silver often gets lost or looks muted in white.

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