4 Tips for Choosing Beads for Your Jewelry

4 Tips for Choosing Beads for Your Jewelry

A big part of jewelry making lies in the moments before you actually start making jewelry. The creative, plan-making part of the process is when you decide what type of jewelry you want to make and which beads and other gems you want to use to make it. For some, this is the best part of the jewelry-making process, but for others, the incredible amount of choices in beading tools and supplies can feel overwhelming. Here’s a quick look at some factors that can help as you start considering which beads to choose for your upcoming jewelry pieces:

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Beads for Your Jewelry

  • The type of jewelry itself and its purpose. The first important thing to consider is what type of jewelry you want to make, for whom, and what event. For example, if you want to build up a friendship bracelet or a commemorative gift for a friend, then alphabet letter beads are a good type of bead to choose. But if you’re wanting to create something like a necklace for a more formal event like a wedding, then you should consider adding in Swarovski crystal beads.
  • Whether there are any concerns on materials. What type of beads you choose may depend upon certain material considerations. For example, if you are building a jewelry piece that you want to wear every day and in more active situations (such as jogging), you might choose a stronger type of material, such as stone beads. Unfortunately, not all beads are built for daily wear and tear. Glass beads and Swarovski crystal beads are better used in jewelry pieces that are not going to be worn daily.
  • If you are in need of certain colors or matching schemes. Some types of beads and jewelry materials will go with anything. For example, sterling silver beads are very versatile and can go well with just about any outfit. However, colored crystal beads and gold-filled beads may not be quite so adaptable. That said, these pieces can be the perfect color for some looks!
  • How big do you want your finished piece to be? Certain jewelry supplies like beads might be too small or too large for the desired look. For example, a small charm might be the perfect accent piece on a bracelet but could look cluttered if paired with others on a longer neckpiece. A lot of good jewelry making is about balancing your beads, charms, and other pieces.

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Now that you have a good idea of how to plan your next jewelry-making session, the next step is to order up your pieces and get started crafting! Check out our website at Crystal Findings for an easy and fast way to buy jewelry making supplies online.

Buying Beads? Here’s When to Choose Gold or Silver

Buying Beads? Here’s When to Choose Gold or Silver

The fantastic thing about jewelry is that there are just so many options for one to choose from. Today’s jewelry comes in an abundance of shapes, sizes, styles, types, and, of course, materials, that for whatever look you want, you can rest assured their is a perfect piece for you. That said, while there is a variety of materials that jewelry comes made out of, nothing is more classic than gold or silver.

Here at Crystal Findings, gold filled and sterling silver beads continue to be one of our biggest sellers, undoubtedly because of just how classic this jewelry looks and feels. But which type of beads are right for your next custom piece? Let’s take a look at some tips for when you should choose gold filled beads and findings and silver options:

Buying Beads: When to Choose Gold or Silver

Consider your skin warmth and the look you want.

Traditionally, the choices between gold and silver depended upon the person wearing them. This is because jewelry has your skin as the backdrop, in other words, the skin is the canvas and the jewelry the paint. Choosing between gold filled beads versus silver beads is about looking at which material will look best against the backdrop of your body.

Generally speaking, those with cooler undertones (think pink to blue for fair skin and purple to red for darker skin tones) look best with silver, while those with warmer undertones (think yellowish in fair to light-medium skin tones and peachy to golden in deeper skin tones) look best with gold.

Consider your outfit.

Remember what we said about jewelry and backdrops as your skin is not the only thing that serves as a backdrop, so too does your outfit. This is especially true during the winter when you are apt to wear long-sleeved items as well as clothing that covers your shoulders and high necklines. For these times, you might still use that traditional guide of gold for warmer colors and silver for cooler colors, only now you are going to use your clothing as the guide.

The one caveat to the shade argument is that if you are wearing a full black outfit. For full black outfits, both silver and gold or gold-filled beads will create a very striking appearance. Meanwhile, for all-white outfits or tops, gold is preferred as silver often gets lost or looks muted in white.

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Beading as a Hobby – It’s More than Fun!

Beading as a Hobby – It’s More than Fun!

Hobbies by their definition are activities that one pursues for the pure enjoyment of them. Stamp collecting, hiking, and scrapbooking are all excellent hobbies that can serve as a type of therapy and can certainly help one relax. But these styles of hobbies do have a drawback, there generally isn’t anything practical one can do with them. If you are a person who wants to pick up a hobby but also wants something more out of it than just the enjoyment, then you should consider the art of beading and jewelry making.

Beading and jewelry making is a very enjoyable and creative hobby that many will find therapeutic and fun. Yet, this style of crafting also goes beyond just enjoyment for its own sake as there are a lot of useful things you can do with the bracelets you make out of alphabet letter beads and necklaces you string with stone beads. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways in which beading is also practical.

The Useful Side of Beading & Jewelry Making as a Hobby

  • Making gifts for loved ones. This is a big one. If you love giving gifts to your friends, family members, colleagues, and others but often find yourself strapped for cash or uncertain of what to get them, then you can use your beading hobby to your advantage. Make them a personal anklet with your beading tools and supplies featuring their school colors or a holiday-themed necklace and pendant.
  • Create home decorations. Speaking of holidays, there are a ton of home decorations you can craft after you buy jewelry making supplies online. For Christmas, you might bead yourself some unique holiday ornaments like a dozen different white snowflakes. For Halloween, spooky door decorations, beaded pumpkin coasters, and bat earrings are all wonderful ways in which to tie your hobby with holiday cheer.
  • Make some money on the side. All of those things you make as gifts for others and those exciting holiday decorations can also do another thing: They can put some cold hard cash in your pocket. Selling the jewelry you make from sterling silver beads or a dozen snowflake ornaments is a great way to make money on the side and there are a ton of fantastic websites and platforms like Etsy to help you do so.
  • Donate for a better cause. If you don’t need the cash, what about donating instead of selling? Homemade jewelry is absolutely something you can use for fundraising events, such as when your children need items for an auction that will raise money for their sports league.

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What’s the Difference between Gold Filled Beads & Gold Plated Beads

What’s the Difference between Gold Filled Beads & Gold Plated Beads

Shopping for gold beads and findings can be frustrating, especially for those new to jewelry making. How can you tell quality, lasting beads from those that will quickly tarnish and wear? “Gold jewelry” can mean any number of things. In this segment, we’ll break down the differences so you can be sure you’re getting what you pay for.

Why There’s a Big Difference in Cost Between Gold Jewelry

The term “gold” can mean a lot of things when you’re shopping for jewelry making supplies. Gold can be used to describe the color of beads as well as the composition. That’s why the makeup of gold beads should always be disclosed. Without this information, you have no idea what you’re getting.

Types of Gold Beads

  • Solid Gold Beads
    You’d think 22 or 24 kt solid gold beads would be ideal. But despite the high value of solid gold beads, they may not be the best choice for lasting jewelry due to the softness of the metal. Other options offer a more practical alternative for everyday wear.
  • Gold-filled Beads
    Gold-filled beads are a high-quality and lasting alternative to solid gold. They hold 100 times more gold than plated beads, with a gold alloy content of 5%, compared to 0.5% for plated beads. Using gold-filled beads, you can create today’s hottest jewelry trends without stressing about the cost. Far more affordable yet still valuable, gold-filled beads won’t tarnish or turn colors, or cause skin reactions in most people. Gold-filled beads are created by bonding a thick layer of 12 or 14 kt gold to another metal such as copper or brass or base metal. This layer is so thick most jewelry can be worn daily for up to 30 years without fading. Gold-filled jewelry is typically stamped with its gold content alongside  the claps. (Beads are not stamped) Buying from Crystal Findings as shown in the website or in catalog, you do get Gold-Filled beads, findings or ready to wear gold-filled beaded jewelry.
  • Gold Plated Beads
    Gold plated beads are inexpensively made by depositing a very thin layer of gold over less precious metals like steel ot similar economical metal alloys beads or findings. At 1/1000 to 3/1000 of an inch, this layer does not last long, leading gold-plated jewelry to fade and tarnish quickly. Skin reactions and staining can occur with some poorly constructed beads. Gold plated jewelry will not have a quality mark, only a brand name stamp, if any.

Which Type of Beads are Right for My Jewelry Making Project?

Crystal Findings offers an amazing selection of premium gold-filled beads and findings, including:

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What’s the Difference between Gold Filled Beads & Gold Plated Beads

Choosing the Right Beads for Your Jewelry Design

Gold beads are a jewelry-making staple, their classic, timeless good looks a favorite of buyers. However, it’s easy for jewelry designers and shoppers to fall victim to a “fool’s gold” scenario. Gold beads come in many incarnations, including gold plated, gold-filled, and solid gold designs. Distinguishing between these styles is essential to creating quality jewelry and protecting your reputation in the market.

Gold Filled Beads & Gold Plated Beads Are Not the Same

It’s essential to differentiate between gold filled beads and plated designs. Gold-filled beads feature a layer of gold bonded to another metal. They contain much more gold than  a gold-plated bead of similar size and style. They hold their value well and maintain their beauty over time of decades, making them a cost-effective alternative to solid gold. Gold-filled beads resist the tarnishing and fading common in gold-plated alternatives. Using quality gold-filled beads over gold-plated options will increase your profits and uphold your reputation for creating quality jewelry.

Make Quality Beads a Hallmark of Your Design Standards

Like gold-filled beads, the same quality concerns should apply to sterling silver beads for jewelry making and Swarovski crystal beads. It is essential to find a reputable jewelry supplies wholesaler that carries quality beads and findings, like our sterling silver-filled beads and genuine Swarovski crystal beads and pendants. Access to a variety of beautiful, high-quality beads will help elevate your status as a leading jewelry designer.

Tips for Choosing the Right Beads for Your Jewelry Designs

Finding the right beads for your jewelry-making project is essential to its success, whether you’re looking to purchase sparkling semi-precious stone beads for a stunning new line or alphabet beads for fun youth jewelry. The materials you use make all the difference in positioning your jewelry as a lasting investment or a low-quality knock-off. Quality shows.

To identify quality gold-filled beads, look for 14K gold, which is made of 60% gold and 40% alloys like zinc, nickel, silver, and copper to prevent the beads from being too soft. Pure gold, identified by its 24K gold insignia, indicates pure gold, which though valuable, is too soft for daily wear and will not hold its quality. Beautiful, practical, lasting jewelry at an affordable price can be achieved with the right metal composition. Your ability to make the right choice will give you an edge in the market and build your reputation as a jewelry craftsperson.

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Create Stylish and Tasteful Thanksgiving Tabletop Decor with Crystal Findings

Create Stylish and Tasteful Thanksgiving Tabletop Decor with Crystal Findings

When you’re aiming for a certain look, the Thanksgiving décor from your area retailer may leave you wanting. For stylish and tasteful tabletop displays and an enjoyable fall project, why not create your own pieces for a look that’s unique and memorable? Keep treasured pieces for annual use, creating a beading tradition, or gift coveted pieces to loved ones and friends.

Create Stylish, Unique Thanksgiving Tabletop Décor with Beading Supplies at Crystal Findings

Our beading supplies include a variety of styles and autumn shades, allowing you to design the perfect accent pieces for your Thanksgiving gathering. What beaded tableware could you create for your tabletop?

  • Wine glass rings
    Create simple and elegant wine glass rings, helping your guests avoid confusing their beverages. Keep things simple and elegant with circular wine glass rings adorned with a single Swarovski crystal, or adorn them with festive fall charms accented with your favorite fall bead colors.
  • Napkin holders
    Weave napkin holders in sparkling autumn shades, accenting them with gold-filled beads and findings. Choose from luminescent lamp beads in shades of clear and topaz, or stone beads in carnelian, jade, gold, tiger’s eye, mother of pearl, and yellow.
  • Beaded pine cones
    Add elegance and whimsy to your table with beaded pine cones, alternating brown stone beads in shades of brown, topaz, or tiger’s eye with gold-filled beads for excitement and shine. Coordinate with a miniature, matching pair of earrings.
  • Indian corn
    Get the kids involved or reconnect with your inner child, creating beaded Indian corn for fun table flare with round stone beads. For a more adult approach, use craft wire and more shimmering, festive beads, adding visual interest and luminosity with cat’s eye beads in shades of green, brown, gold, orange.
  • Pumpkins
    Beaded pumpkins can be a fun craft for kids or adults alike, and make perfect Thanksgiving tabletop décor for the kids’ table. Create 3-dimensional pumpkins with pipe cleaners, or take a more sophisticated approach with beading wire and stone or cat’s eye beads in shades of orange, green, and brown.
  • Beaded placemats 
    Create beaded placemats with a fall theme, such as pumpkins and gourds, leaves, acorns, sunflowers, or a simple mosaic of fall colors. Choose classic stone beads in fall shades, luminescent cat’s eye beads, or add a touch of sparkle with shamballa beads in shades of siam red, topaz, yellow, and emerald.
  • Beaded table runner
    Create an intricate design using a single fall color, or a beautiful mosaic to match your beaded placemats in a pattern of leaves, pumpkins, acorns, and sunflowers.
  • Beaded bowls 
    Created with a modern wire framework beads in your favorite autumn shades with accents of gold, beaded bowls make an elegant centerpiece statement.
  • Beaded wreath
    Invite guests into your home with the sparkle and flair of a beaded wreath on your front door.

Ensure a memorable Thanksgiving with the elegant addition of beaded tableware. Shop the wide selection of custom jewelry making supplies at Crystal Findings today.