Sizzling Ideas for Creating Jewelry for Summer 2022

Sizzling Ideas for Creating Jewelry for Summer 2022

The snow has melted and the days are getting longer; key signs that summer has finally come. And with that warmer weather comes new ways of dressing up and bringing out one’s favorite pieces. Looking for new ways to make your own sizzling summer pieces with your jewelry making supplies? Consider the following exciting summer jewelry ideas:

Four Sizzling Ideas for Creating Jewelry for Summer 2022

  1. Bright and bold colors. When one thinks of summer, one of the first things that come to mind is the bright light of the sun. So much of what people enjoy most about this season happens outdoors, like swimming and backyard barbecues. As such, bright and bold colors are always a good choice for jewelry pieces. Think bright color beads and the inclusion of gold filled beads and findings which often boast their own bright sunny appearance.
  2. Chunky and multi-layered bracelets. Chunky bracelets and those bracelets that feature multiple layers also make for fantastic summer pairings. The reason for this is because, during the summer, you often wear things that more expose your arms, such as spaghetti-strap sundresses and tank tops. Chunky and multi-layered bracelets offer a nice contrast to draw the eyes. You can keep things simple with alphabet letter beads interspaced with your favorite filling beads, such as bone or sterling silver beads.
  3. Choker and short necklaces. Choker and short necklaces are ideal summer jewelry for the same reason that chunky and multi-layered bracelets are — they are going to really accent the more visible neck. A simple ring of pearl beads is a fantastic addition to just about any summer outfit, casual or more formal.
  4. Ocean or beach-themed jewelry. Are you a person who loves pendants and adding in more structured pieces? Then, when you buy beading supplies online, look for things that can help you create more ocean or beach-themed pieces. Ocean and beach-themed pendants are great summer pieces because they remind us of the things we most want to do and experience during the season, in a similar way that evergreen tree and star pendants are perfect for winter jewelry. So good choices here might be starfish and turtle pendants that help keep that summer spirit in sharp focus.

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We hope this quick look at four sizzling summer jewelry ideas has helped to inspire you and get you thinking about the next creative pieces you want to create, whether that’s for yourself, your friends, or even for sale. But before you start creating, you need supplies! Visit our online store to enjoy a broad array of online beading supplies and jewelry-making packages that will help you build those perfect pieces for yourself, for gifts, and for sale.

Beaded Jewelry Making Ideas for Beginners

Beaded Jewelry Making Ideas for Beginners

Beading is one of the best starter crafts a person can get into — for many reasons. First, getting into bead making as a hobby is relatively inexpensive thanks to the ability to shop around and buy jewelry making supplies online at good prices. This makes it possible to start making beautiful pieces without a big initial investment. The other reason why bead jewelry making is so great for newcomers to jewelry making, in general, is because of how much you can customize your pieces to be exactly what you want them to be.

So, now that you have decided you want to get into bead jewelry making, let’s take a look at some other key ideas that will help you hit the ground running:

Starting Ideas for Bead Jewelry Making for Beginners

  • Wire-wrapped beaded chain necklace or choker. The basic wire necklace or choker is one of the best pieces of jewelry that a beginner can make. Here, you start with a piece of wire and your favorite alphabet letter beads or sterling silver beads and start putting the beads on that wire in your own desired pattern. You can also use a spinning beader to make the process go faster (although that makes it harder to personalize the pattern).
  • Earrings with beaded tassels. Earrings are a wonderful beginner project because of how small they are. This is one that won’t require a ton of beading tools and supplies or your time, making it possible to really experiment with different looks and methods.
  • A beaded circle necklace pendant. A beaded circle necklace pendant is one of those things that you can do really simply, or go all out extravagant. As such, this type of jewelry piece is ideal for beginners as you can experiment and slowly hone your skills with each new rendition. A good place to start is with a simple wire circle on which you thread your favorite stone beads.
  • Beaded ladder stitch bracelet. This one will require a bit more time and patience than most of the other beded jewelry on this list, but the finished look is well worth your effort! This is a chunky beaded bracelet that features multiple thin weaves of beads in which the maker creates a repeating pattern. It has a fantastic end look that really accentuated many different fashion styles, and so it is also a good choice for gift-giving.

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Are you eager for more top bead making ideas? Or maybe you need some new beading tools and supplies in order to get started? In either case and more, our team at Crystal Findings is here to help. Visit our website today for more jewelry-making tips and to get the best prices on new beads and beading equipment.

Using Pinterest to Boost Your Jewelry Business

Using Pinterest to Boost Your Jewelry Business

Surrounded by sterling silver beads and findings and don’t know what to do? Gain a little inspiration from fellow crafters and jewelry resellers on Pinterest. Jewelry and jewelry making are among the most popular Pinterest categories. It is the perfect place to uncover new materials and designs you’ve never thought of before. What are the top boards to follow?

Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar is a trusted source for fashion trends, and its jewelry-inspired Pinterest board is exceptional.

Lauren Santo Domingo

Travel back in time or gain inspiration from present-day jewelry trends. Lauren Santo Domingo’s Pinterest board covers everything from modern Swarovski crystal heart pendants to antique Portuguese royal jewels. No matter your style, you’ll find no shortage of inspiration here.


Christie’s is another trusted source of fine jewelry, featuring exquisite, classic designs with lasting popularity.

Roomattic Jewelry

Every style of jewelry you can imagine presented in a single board. If your ideas are filling stale, don’t miss Roomattic.

How to Grow Your Jewelry Business on Pinterest

In addition to being an excellent resource for inspiring new designs for your jewelry business, Pinterest is also a great place to market your work. How can you get a traffic boost to your website from this popular online resource?

Spend time browsing and pinning

Create a board. Pin. Re-pin. Repeat. A huge part of marketing your business on Pinterest is knowing the ropes, so it will take you less time when you are trying to promote your own jewelry images.

Pin your own products

Fans are great – but don’t wait for others to pin your products. Put yourself out there!

Build up your boards

Pinning more than your own products prevents your board from becoming boring. (Besides, Pinterest frowns on this practice.) To give yourself a traffic boost on Pinterest and on your site, cast a wide net, pinning a wide variety of jewelry styles and products, like gold filled beads and findings and stunning Swarovski crystal beads online. Varied boards are a critical part of creating a more interesting account and increasing exposure.

Follow your favorites

Reach out to pinner comrades with similar taste, following their accounts – they’ll often follow you back. Do the same for friends and business owners you know, boosting your followers.

Pin from the source

Make sure you are pinning from the original website, giving the proper credit. Avoid pinning from the home page. Attaching the image link to the actual item page ensures browsers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Go vertical

Vertical photos take up more screen space, enjoying increased exposure and likelihood of repining.

Drop it when it’s hot

Pin during high-traffic times, such as after dinner when people are home to boost traffic.

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Tips Every Newbie Should Know Before Buying Jewelry Supplies

Tips Every Newbie Should Know Before Buying Jewelry Supplies

Are you ready to progress from pre-assembled kits to purchasing bulk jewelry-making supplies for your own designs? Shopping for supplies in bulk can be overwhelming. It’s easy to end up overpaying if you don’t know what you’re looking for or how to shop. We’re here to break it down for you, ensuring you get the most out of your beading supplies investment with these tips for those new to purchasing wholesale jewelry supplies.

Take Stock of Your Tools

Your jewelry making school or crafting kit may have supplied all of the jewelry making tools necessary to complete each project. However, once you branch out on your own, you’ll need to source the tools required to complete each task.

Plan Your Projects

Sketch or create a diagram of your designs, noting what components you’ll need, including product numbers. Keeping these diagrams on hand will help you easily recreate customer favorites later.

Consider Future Production

If you plan on making several of the same jewelry design, take stock of your future plans. Purchasing these jewelry supplies all at once will get you the best possible pricing, uncovering the quantity discount that will work best: 10 for $10, 20 for $15, etc. Purchasing a large order for multiple items, all at once, will also help you save on shipping.  Whenever possible take the photos of jewelry  you making to re make  again of the popular selling items.

Make a Supply List

When it’s time to put your order together, make a supply list, including the product number and quantity of each jewelry supply you need. Research order quantity discounts. For instance, buying Shamballa beads wholesale typically offers significant savings over minimum or by-the-piece order quantities.

Watch Your Budget

Economize when you can. Have you chosen several gauges of wire when just a few would do? Could you purchase standard, frequently used supplies like sterling silver beads for jewelry making in quantity now, enjoying significant savings over time? Keep careful track of what you spend to accurately price your designs later, whether you use a simple spreadsheet or a special software program.

Find a Reputable Jewelry Supplies Wholesaler

The best suppliers will offer premium items such as  crystal beads wholesale at a quantity discount – not low-quality knockoffs. Purchasing from Wholesale jewelry suppliers is always more cost-effective than shopping at retail stores. When you compare online suppliers, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples to avoid buyer’s remorse. Don’t pick the first Amazon listing or Google shopping link you see. There are a lot of imposters out there.

Consider Quality Control

The best retailers have stringent quality control standards. They stand by the quality of their supplies and are knowledgeable about precise specs, such as gold and silver content and construction. Specifications will be clearly listed on each item, such as .925 sterling silver – not a “silver” color description lacking composition details. Trustworthy suppliers want to build relationships, serving you throughout your career.

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What’s the Difference between Gold Filled Beads & Gold Plated Beads

What’s the Difference between Gold Filled Beads & Gold Plated Beads

Shopping for gold beads and findings can be frustrating, especially for those new to jewelry making. How can you tell quality, lasting beads from those that will quickly tarnish and wear? “Gold jewelry” can mean any number of things. In this segment, we’ll break down the differences so you can be sure you’re getting what you pay for.

Why There’s a Big Difference in Cost Between Gold Jewelry

The term “gold” can mean a lot of things when you’re shopping for jewelry making supplies. Gold can be used to describe the color of beads as well as the composition. That’s why the makeup of gold beads should always be disclosed. Without this information, you have no idea what you’re getting.

Types of Gold Beads

  • Solid Gold Beads
    You’d think 22 or 24 kt solid gold beads would be ideal. But despite the high value of solid gold beads, they may not be the best choice for lasting jewelry due to the softness of the metal. Other options offer a more practical alternative for everyday wear.
  • Gold-filled Beads
    Gold-filled beads are a high-quality and lasting alternative to solid gold. They hold 100 times more gold than plated beads, with a gold alloy content of 5%, compared to 0.5% for plated beads. Using gold-filled beads, you can create today’s hottest jewelry trends without stressing about the cost. Far more affordable yet still valuable, gold-filled beads won’t tarnish or turn colors, or cause skin reactions in most people. Gold-filled beads are created by bonding a thick layer of 12 or 14 kt gold to another metal such as copper or brass or base metal. This layer is so thick most jewelry can be worn daily for up to 30 years without fading. Gold-filled jewelry is typically stamped with its gold content alongside  the claps. (Beads are not stamped) Buying from Crystal Findings as shown in the website or in catalog, you do get Gold-Filled beads, findings or ready to wear gold-filled beaded jewelry.
  • Gold Plated Beads
    Gold plated beads are inexpensively made by depositing a very thin layer of gold over less precious metals like steel ot similar economical metal alloys beads or findings. At 1/1000 to 3/1000 of an inch, this layer does not last long, leading gold-plated jewelry to fade and tarnish quickly. Skin reactions and staining can occur with some poorly constructed beads. Gold plated jewelry will not have a quality mark, only a brand name stamp, if any.

Which Type of Beads are Right for My Jewelry Making Project?

Crystal Findings offers an amazing selection of premium gold-filled beads and findings, including:

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What’s the Difference between Gold Filled Beads & Gold Plated Beads

Choosing the Right Beads for Your Jewelry Design

Gold beads are a jewelry-making staple, their classic, timeless good looks a favorite of buyers. However, it’s easy for jewelry designers and shoppers to fall victim to a “fool’s gold” scenario. Gold beads come in many incarnations, including gold plated, gold-filled, and solid gold designs. Distinguishing between these styles is essential to creating quality jewelry and protecting your reputation in the market.

Gold Filled Beads & Gold Plated Beads Are Not the Same

It’s essential to differentiate between gold filled beads and plated designs. Gold-filled beads feature a layer of gold bonded to another metal. They contain much more gold than  a gold-plated bead of similar size and style. They hold their value well and maintain their beauty over time of decades, making them a cost-effective alternative to solid gold. Gold-filled beads resist the tarnishing and fading common in gold-plated alternatives. Using quality gold-filled beads over gold-plated options will increase your profits and uphold your reputation for creating quality jewelry.

Make Quality Beads a Hallmark of Your Design Standards

Like gold-filled beads, the same quality concerns should apply to sterling silver beads for jewelry making and Swarovski crystal beads. It is essential to find a reputable jewelry supplies wholesaler that carries quality beads and findings, like our sterling silver-filled beads and genuine Swarovski crystal beads and pendants. Access to a variety of beautiful, high-quality beads will help elevate your status as a leading jewelry designer.

Tips for Choosing the Right Beads for Your Jewelry Designs

Finding the right beads for your jewelry-making project is essential to its success, whether you’re looking to purchase sparkling semi-precious stone beads for a stunning new line or alphabet beads for fun youth jewelry. The materials you use make all the difference in positioning your jewelry as a lasting investment or a low-quality knock-off. Quality shows.

To identify quality gold-filled beads, look for 14K gold, which is made of 60% gold and 40% alloys like zinc, nickel, silver, and copper to prevent the beads from being too soft. Pure gold, identified by its 24K gold insignia, indicates pure gold, which though valuable, is too soft for daily wear and will not hold its quality. Beautiful, practical, lasting jewelry at an affordable price can be achieved with the right metal composition. Your ability to make the right choice will give you an edge in the market and build your reputation as a jewelry craftsperson.

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