3 – 3mm Gold Filled Plain Round Bead – Regular Hole

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Hole Size .043” (1.10mm)

Country of Origin: United States

Gold Filled Round seamless Beads (Hole Size 1.07mm). They are simply strung together, used individually as separators, or used for earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. When you want a rich look and feel of gold in your jewelry choose these gold-filled beads.

The 3mm size makes these beads perfect for use in a variety of jewelry making projects, and they’re versatile enough to work well with both traditional and contemporary designs. They are also very durable and will hold up well over time. With their simple and classic round shape, these beads are a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and luxury to their jewelry collection. They would be great for gift making, DIY projects, and other use.

For your convenience, we make them available in packages of 50, 100, 500 and 1000 pieces. For other wholesale quantities, please contact us.

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50 Pcs. – $11.47, 100 Pcs. – $20.52, 500 Pcs. – $90.55, 1000 Pcs. – $169.02

68 reviews for 3 – 3mm Gold Filled Plain Round Bead – Regular Hole

  1. Alicia Moore (verified owner)

  2. Patricia Barnes (verified owner)

  3. Cutelia Larkin (verified owner)

  4. flychef1754 (verified owner)

    My favorite bead Love this bead very pretty and nice

  5. Debbie Werk (verified owner)

    This group of beads, the holes were either smaller or not centered because they were harder to string than usual. Very frustrating. I’m usually very happy with your products

  6. Miranda Winston (verified owner)

  7. Robyn Gerstein (verified owner)

    The quality on these beads is absolutely amazing!!! I use them all for my handmade jewelry!

  8. Patricia Barnes (verified owner)

    Good quality beads , just love the quick service in receiving your merchandise

    Image #1 from Patricia Barnes
  9. flychef1754 (verified owner)

    My favorite part of jewelry making is this bead going on the wire love it

  10. Fran Langley (verified owner)

  11. nikkir260 (verified owner)

  12. Sophia B. (verified owner)

    Great product

  13. jonesilicia (verified owner)

  14. Monique Collins (verified owner)

  15. Lauren Clough (verified owner)

  16. nikkir260 (verified owner)

  17. Patricia Barnes (verified owner)

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  20. tanyatroy1815 (verified owner)

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  22. DIANDRA MORTON (verified owner)

  23. fiestyleo2000 (verified owner)

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  25. Leslie Howard (verified owner)

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  30. gwendolyn valentine (verified owner)

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  32. Tara Nicholson (verified owner)

  33. cottrell38 (verified owner)

  34. Patricia Barnes (verified owner)

  35. shazyre1 (verified owner)

    Great products !!!

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  36. Phyllis Crenshaw (verified owner)

    Quality is excellent

  37. Patricia Barnes (verified owner)

  38. doreenrhodes54 (verified owner)

  39. Shaina P. (verified owner)

  40. Donna Strayhorn (verified owner)

  41. Phyllis Crenshaw (verified owner)


  42. Phyllis Crenshaw (verified owner)

  43. Grace A. (verified owner)

    Amazed always by the consistency in quality

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)

  45. Donna Strayhorn (verified owner)

  46. Tara Nicholson (verified owner)

  47. kristi.schafer1 (verified owner)

  48. castracasm1 (verified owner)

    Perfect fit

  49. Phyllis Crenshaw (verified owner)

  50. Tara Nicholson (verified owner)

  51. Ka'Lah Trapp (verified owner)

  52. Meisha Edwards (verified owner)

  53. Jasmine Newton (verified owner)

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  56. latrce32 (verified owner)

    Everything was great.

  57. jonesilicia (verified owner)

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  59. Aubrey Feyen (verified owner)

  60. Beauty And Butterfly's Boutique LLC (verified owner)

  61. Beauty And Butterfly's Boutique LLC (verified owner)

    I use a lot of 3 mm beads and when I say a lot I mean a lot.

    Image #1 from Beauty And Butterfly's Boutique LLC
  62. Sukhwinder Pal (store manager)

  63. lowens7384 (verified owner)

  64. lowens7384 (verified owner)

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  68. Alicia Moore (verified owner)

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