Hobbies by their definition are activities that one pursues for the pure enjoyment of them. Stamp collecting, hiking, and scrapbooking are all excellent hobbies that can serve as a type of therapy and can certainly help one relax. But these styles of hobbies do have a drawback, there generally isn’t anything practical one can do with them. If you are a person who wants to pick up a hobby but also wants something more out of it than just the enjoyment, then you should consider the art of beading and jewelry making.

Beading and jewelry making is a very enjoyable and creative hobby that many will find therapeutic and fun. Yet, this style of crafting also goes beyond just enjoyment for its own sake as there are a lot of useful things you can do with the bracelets you make out of alphabet letter beads and necklaces you string with stone beads. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways in which beading is also practical.

The Useful Side of Beading & Jewelry Making as a Hobby

  • Making gifts for loved ones. This is a big one. If you love giving gifts to your friends, family members, colleagues, and others but often find yourself strapped for cash or uncertain of what to get them, then you can use your beading hobby to your advantage. Make them a personal anklet with your beading tools and supplies featuring their school colors or a holiday-themed necklace and pendant.
  • Create home decorations. Speaking of holidays, there are a ton of home decorations you can craft after you buy jewelry making supplies online. For Christmas, you might bead yourself some unique holiday ornaments like a dozen different white snowflakes. For Halloween, spooky door decorations, beaded pumpkin coasters, and bat earrings are all wonderful ways in which to tie your hobby with holiday cheer.
  • Make some money on the side. All of those things you make as gifts for others and those exciting holiday decorations can also do another thing: They can put some cold hard cash in your pocket. Selling the jewelry you make from sterling silver beads or a dozen snowflake ornaments is a great way to make money on the side and there are a ton of fantastic websites and platforms like Etsy to help you do so.
  • Donate for a better cause. If you don’t need the cash, what about donating instead of selling? Homemade jewelry is absolutely something you can use for fundraising events, such as when your children need items for an auction that will raise money for their sports league.

When it Comes to Getting Started, Let Crystal Findings Be Your Guide

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