Welcome to Part II of our two-part series looking at four of the very best pendants available at our Swarovski crystal beads online store. In the previous article, we talked about the frequently trending Tear Drop and Baroque pendants, and now we’ll discuss the final two of our four best-selling, ever-popular Swarovski pendants:

Four Exquisite Pendants From Swarvoski That Will Make Your Necklace & Neckline Shine

Part II


Moon Pendants

The moon is a significantly important celestial body that cultures of every age, from every corner of the globe, have created stories of as well as pieces of art in reflection of. For many of these ancient civilizations, the moon often was associated with some female deity. The half moon in particular was often seen as a sign of fertility and hence, even more associated with the feminine aspect.

When people thus refer to moon pendants, they are most often thinking of those crystal pendants that are designed in the shape of a crescent moon. These are certainly one of the top-selling Swarvoski crystal pendants we sell at our online store. We have them in three different sizes and several gorgeous colors, including jet black and a topaz color reminiscent of the harvest moon.

Heart Pendant

How could we create any list of the most popular pendants and not include the forever favorite heart shape? Hearts are another symbol used the world over, with examples reaching as far back as the Indus Valley civilization over 4000 years ago. Archeologists studying that culture have found pendants embossed with heart-shaped fig leaves and believe this is another symbol often used in connection with fidelity and fertility.

Today, we connect it likewise with fidelity as well as with love of all types. You might give a heart pendant to a friend, sibling, parent, child, or someone whom you care deeply about. Whatever the reason, we can’t help but showcase our beautiful Swarovski heart pendants. We have this one available in two unique sizes.

The first style is this Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant that is larger, featuring greater depth. This style is a fantastic choice for longer chain lengths and for when you want a statement piece that will really reflect the light. The other style of heart-shaped pendants we have available with our beading supplies online is this flatter Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant. You’ll find that this pendant works exceptionally well with shorter chains, such as if you are trying to find a piece for a choker-styled necklace, thanks to its lying a bit flatter.

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Of course, to use any of the four Swarovski pendants we showcase across these two articles, you will first need other beading supplies and tools, like chains and clasps. Visit our online store of Crystal Findings today to view these and other fantastic pieces!