These Exquisite Pendants from Swarovski will Make Any Necklace Shine! Part 2

These Exquisite Pendants from Swarovski will Make Any Necklace Shine! Part 2

Welcome to Part II of our two-part series looking at four of the very best pendants available at our Swarovski crystal beads online store. In the previous article, we talked about the frequently trending Tear Drop and Baroque pendants, and now we’ll discuss the final two of our four best-selling, ever-popular Swarovski pendants:

Four Exquisite Pendants From Swarvoski That Will Make Your Necklace & Neckline Shine

Part II


Moon Pendants

The moon is a significantly important celestial body that cultures of every age, from every corner of the globe, have created stories of as well as pieces of art in reflection of. For many of these ancient civilizations, the moon often was associated with some female deity. The half moon in particular was often seen as a sign of fertility and hence, even more associated with the feminine aspect.

When people thus refer to moon pendants, they are most often thinking of those crystal pendants that are designed in the shape of a crescent moon. These are certainly one of the top-selling Swarvoski crystal pendants we sell at our online store. We have them in three different sizes and several gorgeous colors, including jet black and a topaz color reminiscent of the harvest moon.

Heart Pendant

How could we create any list of the most popular pendants and not include the forever favorite heart shape? Hearts are another symbol used the world over, with examples reaching as far back as the Indus Valley civilization over 4000 years ago. Archeologists studying that culture have found pendants embossed with heart-shaped fig leaves and believe this is another symbol often used in connection with fidelity and fertility.

Today, we connect it likewise with fidelity as well as with love of all types. You might give a heart pendant to a friend, sibling, parent, child, or someone whom you care deeply about. Whatever the reason, we can’t help but showcase our beautiful Swarovski heart pendants. We have this one available in two unique sizes.

The first style is this Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant that is larger, featuring greater depth. This style is a fantastic choice for longer chain lengths and for when you want a statement piece that will really reflect the light. The other style of heart-shaped pendants we have available with our beading supplies online is this flatter Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant. You’ll find that this pendant works exceptionally well with shorter chains, such as if you are trying to find a piece for a choker-styled necklace, thanks to its lying a bit flatter.

Visit Our Online Store for Even More Fantastic Pieces

Of course, to use any of the four Swarovski pendants we showcase across these two articles, you will first need other beading supplies and tools, like chains and clasps. Visit our online store of Crystal Findings today to view these and other fantastic pieces!

Tips for Cleaning Swarovski Crystals Without Damaging Them

Tips for Cleaning Swarovski Crystals Without Damaging Them

What is the best way to care for your Swarovski crystal jewelry without damaging it? Swarovski jewelry should be enjoyed in all its shimmering splendor, but dirt can detract from its brilliance. Handcrafted Swarovski crystal jewelry is beautiful and delicate, requiring specialized care. How can your Swarovski crystal designs continue to sparkle for years to come?

Tips for Cleaning Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

To keep your Swarovski crystal jewelry in pristine condition, polish your Swarovski crystal jewelry regularly with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to maintain its brilliance. Rub gently to avoid snagging the cloth on sharp edges of metal casings and accompanying beads and findings. Wearing a pair of cotton gloves can help you avoid putting fingerprints onto the crystals as you clean. Clean and polish items regularly to keep them looking their best. Never use abrasive cleaning gear or harsh polishing techniques on your jewelry.

The Best Way to Remove Stubborn Dirt from Swarovski Crystal Beads

For stubborn dirt and grime buildup, a soft bristle toothbrush and a small bowl of warm water and mild dish detergent is best. Moisten the bristles of the soft brush with the cleaning solution, gently brushing each of the Swarovski beads, in turn, using a circular motion to remove tough deposits. Once clean, rinse the jewelry briefly with tap water to remove soap. Make sure the stopper is in the drain before you do this, as your jewelry may be slippery from soap, and you don’t want to lose it down the drain.  After rinsing, pat it dry gently with a lint-free paper towel or soft cloth. Leave them out to dry thoroughly before storing.

Take Care When Wearing and Storing Your Jewelry

  • Store your Swarovski pendants and beads in their original packaging for safekeeping when not in use.
  • Avoid prolonged contact with water, taking off your jewelry before washing your hands, showering, or taking a bath. Doing so could cause irreversible damage.
  • Never wear your jewelry in the pool or hot tub, as chlorine can damage your crystals and dull their beautiful luster.
  • Don’t wear your jewelry when applying lotion, makeup, hairspray, perfume, or other beauty products – these products could discolor and weaken Swarovski crystal beads.
  • Remove your jewelry if it knocks against objects during daily activities, as this could chip the crystal.
  • Put jewelry on last after dressing and take it off first when changing out of your clothes.
  • Wash your Swarovski crystal jewelry after each use whenever possible to guard against exposure and damage from chemicals and grime.

Ensure stunning jewelry designs that will stand the test of time. View our latest catalog and shop the extensive selection of certified Swarovski crystal beads and pendants available at Crystal Findings today.

Get Great Swarovski Crystal and Gold Filled Beads

Get Great Swarovski Crystal and Gold Filled Beads

One of the great things about the Internet is the fact that it has spurred a whole new culture of craftiness while simultaneously breathing life into already-latent creative impulses. If you love crafting and creating, you’re sure to love the world of crystal, gold, and other beading options. Creating jewelry is one of the most time-honored ways of expressing one’s creativity, all while creating something valuable in the process. Today, it is more affordable and easier than ever to buy the materials you need to engage in this process.

Few types of beads are more sought after than Swarovski crystal beads. One of the great designer names in the world of beaded jewelry, Swarovski means quality, and has for some time now. Here, then, is a quick look at how you can get your crafting game in gear with some of the finest examples of lovely Swarovski crystal beads online.

Great Crystal Beads

If you love crystal beads and like to use them in your jewelry, you can’t go wrong with the options offered by Swarovski. These beads are cut with the utmost care and made from the finest materials out there. What’s more, there’s a definite connotation to the very name “Swarovski” at this point which imbues your beaded materials with a certain sense of style that’s simply not there with other options.

When you think crystals beads, you think Swarovski – and for good reason.

Other Bead Options

Of course, there are a great many other beading options for sale out there as well. For example, you can also purchase elegant gold and silver beads. These are great for adding elegance and flair to your necklaces, earrings, or whatever else you plan on making with your beads. Whether you are looking for elegant gold filled beads or you want some of the finest silver options out there, you’ll again want to look to Swarovski for the solution.

Ordering Your Beads

Actually acquiring these beads is easier than ever before. All you have to do is look for the item you want, such as elegant Swarovski crystal pendants for sale, and place your order. No fuss, no muss, and no hassle when it comes to shipping either.

Affordable Rates

You never want to find yourself priced out of proper Swarovski items. Thankfully, this is no longer a concern. The best outlets offering fine gold and silver beads, crystal options, and other fine necklaces, pendants, earrings, and other such offerings are able to make these products more affordable than ever.

Whether you’re looking to tap into your creative side or you simply want to experience some of the finest beaded jewelry options out there, gold, silver, and crystal beads done in the Swarovski style are the perfect solution.