The neckline and nape of the neck are incredibly alluring parts of the body. It’s hard to pin down what makes this part of the body so special; some say it’s the vulnerability of being just above your heart and others due to the way it naturally draws the eye. But for whatever reason, one thing is clear, necklaces with large, beautiful pendants are a fantastic way of really accentuating this alluring part of the body.

Our team at Crystal Findings thus prefers not the question of whether or not you should wear a pendant (because that answer is always yes!), but rather which pendant is right for you. The following is a two-part series and look at four of our favorite, best-selling pendants to help you create that perfect necklace for your body and style.

Four Exquisite Pendants From Swarvoski That Will Make Your Necklace & Neckline Shine

Part I

Baroque Pendants

6091 - 38mm Swarovski Flat Baroque Pendant - Crystal CopperThe term Baroque refers to a style of art and architecture that flourished in Europe from the early 1600s to the mid-1700s. The Baroque style utilizes a number of artistic tactics with the aim to inspire a great sense of awe and appreciation. The first of this style began with massive cathedrals built to be open with elaborate detail, deep colors, and an overall architecture that inspired a sense of grandeur. Later, other forms of art used similar colors, details, and forms that would accentuate movement to similarly attract the eye and inspire admiration.

Our Swarovski Baroque Pendants were designed and created with exactly this aim. As you’ll see, these are chunky pendants with many faces cut throughout. These faces nicely catch and reflect the light, resulting in quite a beautiful dazzle of shades. You can choose your Baroque pendant in a variety of colors; all of which will certainly draw attention as they add a touch of art to your neckline.

Tear Drop Pendant

6000 - 15x7.5mm Swarovski Crystal Drop Pendants - TopazTeardrop pendants are of a style that constantly comes back. The first known tear drop pendants were made in 1457 by famed Belgian jeweler Lodewyn van Bercken. Since then, they have been worn all over the world, growing especially popular in the United States during the 1920s. The shape is said to symbolize tears of joy and happiness, which has led to smaller renditions of it being quite popular for use in engagement rings.

Of course, why keep it small when you can opt for a larger pendant for your necklace? Teardrop pendants are a particularly great look on longer chains, ones that drop to or just below the bustline. These are also available at our online store in a variety of colors, including amethyst, emerald, and stunning jet black.

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