How to Wear Bracelet: Without Overdoing it

How to Wear Bracelet: Without Overdoing it

The stylish man and the stylish woman is the individual who knows how to wear accessories and they wear them well. One such accessory that can really finish an outfit and give a person that added pizzaz is a bracelet — but this is true only if you don’t overdo it and you get the right style of bracelet for you and your lifestyle. Think of the simple braided leather bands on the outdoor enthusiast and the sleek bracelet made of sterling silver beads on the scholarly type.

But how do you determine the right bracelet to wear and how to wear it or them without overdoing it? The following are the three things to consider as you look around at bracelets for sale or beads jewelry making supplies if you plan to make your own bracelets to wear:


3 Things to Look for When Buying & Wearing Bracelets


  • Choose the Right Fit and Proportions.

    While yes, some people can make extra loose bracelets shine and others look slim and fantastic with tight, choker-styled bracelets, they are the outliers. For most people, to get a good look with bracelets requires them to fit so well upon one’s wrist so that only one or two fingers can slide beneath them — not tight but also not overly loose. Additionally, it is a good idea to choose a bracelet based on the overall size of your wrist. In other words, those with slim wrists will look best with bracelets with thinner bands while those with thicker wrists should opt for bracelets with larger or chunkier profiles.

  • Overall Style.

    Ask yourself what is the look you want to go for? In most cases, you are wearing bracelets in order to personalize yourself and your overall look. For example, many men and plenty of women like a more natural look. This means earthy tones, high-end jeans, and dark-colored shoes. For this overall style, wood, leather, and stone beaded jewelry all would look fantastic in complement. For those women who like to dress up and make an entrance, something silver or a bracelet made of gold filled beads would be the better choice.

  • Wear for the Event.

    Just because you have an overall style does not mean that style is right for every occasion. When you are going to more formal events, you might choose a simpler silver or gold chain that adds to but doesn’t detract from your main outfit. In contrast, when you are heading to the park for a jog or to picnic with friends, then you might opt for a chunkier, more personal piece with Crystals. Want to stand out in a crowd? Get a necklace with a prominent Swarovski crystal heart pendant.


Simple is Great, Unique is Best

When in doubt about the right bracelet to wear, the two things to keep in mind are simple and unique. A slim beaded bracelet can go with a thousand outfits and one you make using beading supplies online or retail store online will always be a hit. Visit our online store to learn more.

All the Jewelry Making Supplies You Need : Available at Crystal Findings

All the Jewelry Making Supplies You Need : Available at Crystal Findings

As we enter the new year and the temperatures drop, now is an excellent time to either take-up jewelry making for the first time or to approach it with an invigorated interest. Making jewelry is an amazing hobby that, for some, can become a nice side gig. With custom jewelry making supplies, you can craft and create a physical type of art that best expresses who you are. During cold winter evenings, making jewelry is a meditative hobby for which you’ll have something to show and share with your friends. Soon, you may even find them coming to you for advice on how to make a beaded bracelet or where to buy jewelry making supplies!

Crystal Findings: Your Go-to Website for All Your Jewelry Making Supplies

Speaking of where to buy the supplies, our team at Crystal Findings is dedicated to providing an online space where you’ll find all the jewelry making supplies you need to create beautiful custom-made pieces for yourself, your friends and family, and even your customers. Our supplies include the very basic items you need to get started, such as beginner books for jewelry making and specialty techniques like bead stringing and beading tools and pliers that are a must-have in every jeweler’s arsenal. Additionally, we have in-stock all the beads and other supplies you could want, from Swarovski crystal pendant beads to Shamballa beads in bulk, we got it.

So where do you start this winter? Snow-themed winter jewelry patterns are always eye-catching and reminiscent of the season itself. An Ice Princess Necklace is a gorgeous and easy bead idea. Here, you might choose aquamarine, blue zircon, and crystal colored Shamballa beads and string them along a silver line for a simple yet striking look. We love these colors for this type of necklace as they simulate the look of snow falling against a blue sky.

If you enjoy knitting, another wonderful hobby perfect for cold evenings spent bundled up, then you’ll love how easily you can add beads to transform your crafts. Using a thick cord or similar heavy-duty material of a blue shade, knitters can glide on Swarovski crystal beads for that same beautiful snowfall against a winter sky effect.

Contact Us for More Information and Visit Crystal Findings

We hope this inspires you to start crafting and start creating your own beautiful bead and other creations. Get started this week by visiting our online store where you’ll find all of the beading supplies you need.

Our shop has been around for over ten years now and we are proud to have loyal customers that include both individual buyers and shops looking for bulk bead supplies. We offer fast shipping, no minimum purchase, and a no-questions return policy seven days from your package receipt. Other questions? Contact us today to learn more!

Jewelry Making 101: It Is Easier Than You Think

Jewelry Making 101: It Is Easier Than You Think

Making your own jewelry isn’t difficult once you take a class or two and depend on certain manuals to teach you the basics. A good bead supplier like Crystal Findings is a great source, because they have experts who know the ins and outs of all types of Beaded Jewelry. So, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can easily get the assistance you need to make beautiful pieces of jewelry for yourself or to sell to others. Whether you’re looking for colorful stone beads or sterling silver beads for jewelry making, you can find them easily in the right store, because their selection is always second to none. You can find all types of supplies for making all types of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, and earrings, bringing you one step closer to creating your next masterpiece.

Get as Creative as You Like

When you’re making your own jewelry, you don’t have to follow a specific set of directions, because once you learn the basics of jewelry making, you can spread out on your own and create items that are truly unique. Once you find the right custom jewelry making supplies, you can do it all – bright-colored earrings or silver necklaces, or even bracelets made with gems or stones. In one short shopping session, you can find everything you need to make these and many other items, including beads, chains of all types, pearls, findings, ring sizers, bead counters, glue and other adhesives, and even cords and stretch wire. In other words, if you can think up a design for a piece of jewelry in your head, it is easy to create i, because it is easy to find the supplies you need to make it.

Something for Everyone

Jewelry-making supplies include something for everyone, so whether your jewelry is flashy and bold or more subtle and toned down, finding the right supplies is easier than you think. You can choose sterling silver alphabet letter beads to make that special piece of personalized jewelry for someone’s birthday, or basic pearls of all colors to create something more subdued. Best of all, making extraordinary jewelry doesn’t have to cost a fortune, because you can create something special without spending a lot of money. However, if you do want something more elegant and formal, you can try using Swarovski beads and crystals, which are high-quality gems that sparkle and shine, regardless of what you’re making with them.

Making jewelry is a lot of fun, and the basics are simple enough for anyone to learn. Finding the right supplies is easy and allows you to get exactly what you’re looking for every time. This is one hobby that offers something for everyone, and it is not likely one you’ll regret trying.