Swarovski Pearls: Realistic Looks at an Unbelievable Price

Those that adore the classic looks of pearls will fall in love with Swarovski crystal pearls. A surprising realistic imitation pearl, Swarovski pearls are a reasonably priced, infinitely more durable alternative to the real thing.

They’ll Never Know

Like genuine cultured pearls, the temperature of Swarovski pearls changes to reflect that of the wearer. Boasting the realistic color, luster, and feel jewelry lovers cherish in genuine pearls. Whether used to create classic necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, or bridalwear, Swarovski crystal pearls are hard to tell apart.

How Swarovski Crystal Pearls are Made

Each Swarovski pearl begins with a genuine Swarovski crystal bead at its center, giving it the perfect size and weight. This crystal base sets these imitation pearls apart, giving it a more luminous appearance than plastic imitation pearls, with a flawless surface and perfect curves. Each crystal sphere is layered with several coats of mother of pearl, creating a surprisingly realistic imitation.

Telling the Difference Between Swarovski Pearls, Genuine Pearls & Other Imitators

Without attempting to chisel off the coating – which we would not recommend – it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between Swarovski crystal pearls and genuine pearls. Knock-off Swarovski pearls are much easier to sight. Simply look for signs of uneven shape and coloration, rough surfacing or surface imperfections, and stones that are easily scratched. Fortunately, it’s easy to ensure you’re purchasing genuine Swarovski pearls: Purchase them from a verified wholesaler/, like Crystal Findings.

Advantages of Swarovski Simulated Pearls

Unlike plastic imitation pearls, which quickly lose their costing with contact with perspiration or perfume, and easily scratch, Swarovski pearls are washable and resistant to such damage.

Dozens of Pearl Colors

Swarovski crystal pearls can in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, mimicking genuine pearls, from classic white and gold, to the rare black pearl and stunning luminescent hues of deep brown, rose, greens, and blues. Metallic pearlized designs are also popular, in shades of gold, bronze, copper, and antique brass. Crystal Findings offers a variety of popular styles and sizes, including:

Unmatched Price

Swarovski crystal pearls are reasonably priced, with loose Swarovski pearls selling for $5-40 per 100 pieces, depending on stone size. Shop our factory packs, purchasing in bulk to enjoy significant discounts. Our clearance sales also offer significant savings, and frequently include Swarovski crystals and pearls. Check regularly so you don’t miss out!

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