Already sweating summer boredom? Whether you are a parent or activities instructor, summer break is the perfect time to try a few fun jewelry making projects with your kids. Easy and inexpensive, jewelry projects help kids develop their fine motor skills and creativity and leave them with a unique memento of the summer season.

Inspire Your Child’s Creativity with these Kids Jewelry-Making Favorites:

We offer a variety of colorful and unique beads that children love for making necklaces and bracelets. Choose from some of the kid-friendly favorites below, complementing them with our wide assortment of gold-filled and sterling silver beads and findings…

  • Alphabet Beads
  • It’s easy for kids to get creative with a mix of alphabet beads and colorful spacers. We offer a wide assortment of alphabet bead options, sold by the letter.

    • A-Z alphabet bracelet or necklace for younger kids, placing colorful round beads between each letter.
    • Name bracelet.
    • Friendship bracelets: “BFFS FOREVER.” Or “X O X O.”
    • ‘Positive message’ bracelets, such as, “BE HAPPY,” “DREAM BIG,” “THANKFUL,” “SMILE,” AND “U R AWESOME.”

  • Semi-Precious Stone Beads
  • Alternate colorful semi precious stones in a vibrant pattern of each child’s favorite colors, stringing on a stretch cord for an easy fit. Add in fun accent pieces such as Bali beads or gold-filled and silver charms with a jump ring to make a statement.

  • Cloisonné Beads
  • Colorful yet sophisticated, Cloisonné are favored by older girls, adorned with beautifully painted imagery with metallic accents perfect for pairing with gold and silver beads and findings.

  • Cat’s Eye Beads
  • The perfect way to add both color and texture to a jewelry design, smooth, shimmery cat’s eye beads make kids of all ages ‘ooh’ and ‘ahhh.’ Alternate bold colors of stones of the same shape, or mix shapes to stunning effect.

Don’t Miss Out on these Other Fun Bead Styles

Providing an assortment of beads allows each child to showcase their own unique personality through their jewelry making creativity.

  • Dice Beads
  • Dice beads add a touch of fun to any young child’s jewelry design.

  • Shamballa Beads
  • These shimmering, disco-ball like beads are always a hit with the girls!

  • Lamp Beads
  • These bright, colorful, luminous glass beads are like miniature works of art.

  • Star Beads
  • For those in your life inspired by the celestial.

  • Floral Beads
  • For the ‘flower child’ in your life.

  • Squaredelles
  • Add just a touch of sparkle with these rhinestone-studded spacer beads.

  • Bali Beads
  • A great way to add texture and visual interest to any jewelry design.

  • Sterling Silver Findings
  • From simple shapes to flashy designs to liven up any creation.

While the day away, creating a new tradition. Discover the fun of jewelry making with your kids. Shop the wide selection of inspiring options at Crystal Findings today.