How to Organize Your Beading Tool Supplies?

How to Organize Your Beading Tool Supplies?

It might be convenient and tempting to toss all your beading tools and supplies into a giant heap in a large box after your project, but you’re not doing yourself any favors. Storing your beading supplies this way guarantees you’ll be wasting time digging for each and every item you need for your next project, or money repurchasing items you cannot find. How can you quickly and easily organize supplies for later use?

First, Organize Supplies Into Piles by Type

Group similar items together, such as:

  • Tools
  • Wires
  • Beads
  • Findings

After you have organized them into piles, seek-out appropriately sized containers for each group of objects. You can find storage options nearly anywhere, from upcycled fishing tackle boxes and food storage containers, to clear bins, jars, and multi-drawered storage boxes at your area retail, consignment, or discount store.

Ensure Items are Visible & Essential Items Conveniently Located

Use clear storage containers, or clearly label items so you can find them in a snap. Keep the items you reach for the most easily accessible and close to your work area. If you can, show them off, making a beautiful and functional space. Label absolutely everything with a label maker, permanent marker, or tape and a pen, from the items you use daily, to those you rarely use.

Get Nit Picky

Organize beads and findings into sub-types so you can find what you need in a flash. Common options for organizing beads include by:

  • Color:
    Organize by color, shape, or size in a single, multi-compartment container so you can envision multiple possibilities at a glance.
    Pro Tip: If you’re organizing by size, try sifting a large batch of beads through a colander can quickly help you differentiate large and small items.
  • Composition:
    Storing Swarovski crystal beads separately from gold-filled beads, for example.

Don’t Let Ribbon & Chain Get Away from You

Hang spools nearby on a ribbon organizer or wooden dowel suspended between cup hooks. For smaller items, secure them in small, resealable zipper bags, likewise hanging them on the dowel.

Avoid Leaving Leave Supplies Lying Around

As soon as you’re done with something, put it away. It only takes a few seconds. This practice will help you avoid a cluttered workspace – and an overwhelmed mind. Jewelry makers are visual, and clutter disrupts the creative process.

Create a Scrapbook

Organize your design ideas and inspiration for future projects as well, sorting them into a 3-ring binder for easy reference.

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All the Jewelry Making Supplies You Need : Available at Crystal Findings

All the Jewelry Making Supplies You Need : Available at Crystal Findings

As we enter the new year and the temperatures drop, now is an excellent time to either take-up jewelry making for the first time or to approach it with an invigorated interest. Making jewelry is an amazing hobby that, for some, can become a nice side gig. With custom jewelry making supplies, you can craft and create a physical type of art that best expresses who you are. During cold winter evenings, making jewelry is a meditative hobby for which you’ll have something to show and share with your friends. Soon, you may even find them coming to you for advice on how to make a beaded bracelet or where to buy jewelry making supplies!

Crystal Findings: Your Go-to Website for All Your Jewelry Making Supplies

Speaking of where to buy the supplies, our team at Crystal Findings is dedicated to providing an online space where you’ll find all the jewelry making supplies you need to create beautiful custom-made pieces for yourself, your friends and family, and even your customers. Our supplies include the very basic items you need to get started, such as beginner books for jewelry making and specialty techniques like bead stringing and beading tools and pliers that are a must-have in every jeweler’s arsenal. Additionally, we have in-stock all the beads and other supplies you could want, from Swarovski crystal pendant beads to Shamballa beads in bulk, we got it.

So where do you start this winter? Snow-themed winter jewelry patterns are always eye-catching and reminiscent of the season itself. An Ice Princess Necklace is a gorgeous and easy bead idea. Here, you might choose aquamarine, blue zircon, and crystal colored Shamballa beads and string them along a silver line for a simple yet striking look. We love these colors for this type of necklace as they simulate the look of snow falling against a blue sky.

If you enjoy knitting, another wonderful hobby perfect for cold evenings spent bundled up, then you’ll love how easily you can add beads to transform your crafts. Using a thick cord or similar heavy-duty material of a blue shade, knitters can glide on Swarovski crystal beads for that same beautiful snowfall against a winter sky effect.

Contact Us for More Information and Visit Crystal Findings

We hope this inspires you to start crafting and start creating your own beautiful bead and other creations. Get started this week by visiting our online store where you’ll find all of the beading supplies you need.

Our shop has been around for over ten years now and we are proud to have loyal customers that include both individual buyers and shops looking for bulk bead supplies. We offer fast shipping, no minimum purchase, and a no-questions return policy seven days from your package receipt. Other questions? Contact us today to learn more!

Welcome 2020 with Style! Check out Our Collection of Ready-made Jewelry

Welcome 2020 with Style! Check out Our Collection of Ready-made Jewelry

The New York Spring 2020 runways officially wrapped up in September, but our team at Crystal Findings can’t stop talking about it. Experimenting and making different spring 2020 trends your own is one of the most exciting parts about making jewelry and selecting which pieces to wear out to different events, of figuring how to match general 2020 fashion trends to your own personal style. And it does all boil down to what is your personal style and how you want to present yourself in the new year!

So while only you can make that final decision on how you want to stylishly present yourself in 2020, we can offer you some fantastic ready-made jewelry options that will help you succeed. Consider the following great spring trends the fashion world is talking about and the corresponding pieces we have available in our store.

2020 Fashion Trends & the Crystal Findings Collection of Ready-made Jewelry

    • Colorful earrings are in. Gold and silver may always be a classic touch, but the New York fashion shows and the word on the street is that come spring 2020, it is going to be bright floral and beaded pieces that are going to be in. At the heart here is the idea of channeling one’s inner kid and having fun by opting for big and colorful earrings. These bright green Swarovski Cyrstal Period Earrings are an excellent example of how stylish a bright spring-color can be.
    • Chokers are making a come back. Back in the early 2000s, nothing defined young fashion better than the choker necklace. It didn’t even have to be elaborate for it to be stylish. A simple piece of lace stylishly tied around a person’s neck or a fashion tattoo choker were all that were needed to really take advantage of this stylish trend. While that level of simplicity isn’t quite coming back in, simple chokers and necklaces are. Pieces like this Swarovski Round Cyrstal AB necklace that is designed to be worn snug at the base of one’s neck is a beautiful piece that shows the evolution of this trend from one decade to the next.

Remember, it’s not just what you wear, it’s about how you wear it. One really interesting thing many of the fashion industry’s leading designers did this year at the 2020 spring runways is to send their models down with only one earring. As noted before, those solo ear pieces were big, bright, and certainly eye-catching, but they also displayed how with fashion it isn’t just about what you were, it’s how you wear it.

Questions About Crystal Findings Pieces? Ready to Order? Contact Us

Now that you have an idea of what’s in for 2020, now is the time to go ahead and make the orders so that you can show up at your next event or at school or work in style. Contact us today if you have any questions about our ready-made pieces or our ordering process. We strive to offer the best in shipping and customer satisfaction.