Whether you are just getting into jewelry making or you have been doing it for some time, you probably will find yourself crafting gold pieces and making pieces with gold-filled beads and findings in high numbers. That’s because gold jewelry is classic. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of gold, other people love gold! And everyone who loves working with jewelry-making supplies will invariably find themselves making pieces for others at some point. Maybe that will be custom jewelry pieces for friends and family, or maybe you’ll find yourself selling at the local art market or on Etsy.

In any case, gold is fashionable. Gold is timeless. Gold will always be popular. Now, gold is also affordable thanks to our special sale. Check out these awesome gold-filled beads that are currently available for discounted prices:

Big Bulk Pricing Sales on Varied Gold Filled Beads

  • Gold-filled bone shape beads. Bone-shaped gold-filled beads and findings are fantastic to use as spacers between other pieces. Now, while we call them bone-shaped, it is not because they look like the dog-style bones you often see on merchandise. Rather, these are long cylinders that just slightly flare out on either end. It is this flare paired with the lateral indentations that make the bone gold-filled beads such a good filler bead to use between larger crystals. This end flare works to accentuate round beads and crystals, really showing off their colors and shapes.
  • Gold-filled charms and pendants. We have quite a few posts about our Swarvoski crystal pendant beads because they are such a big seller and because so many people who want to make necklaces and bracelets, want to do so with a large charm or pendant at the center point. But you can get the same quality effect by using different types of charms and pendants, such as our gold-filled charms and pendants. Our selection of gold beading supplies online includes fun animal-shaped charms, large and small hearts, and shells.
  • Gold-filled plain round beads. Gold-filled round beads are another fantastic filler type of bead. We have these beads available in a wide variety of sizes, from tiny two-millimeter sizes to massive 12 mm ones. We recommend buying a variety of sizes and doing so in bulk so that you can easily add them to different pieces as you mix and match to find that perfect jewelry look.

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While these are three special types of gold-filled beads and findings we have available, they certainly are not all. Visit our online store to see our selection and to learn about other types of beading supplies.