Can Swarovski Jewelry be worn every day? Swarovski lovers know there’s never a wrong time to showcase your shimmering jewelry. Swarovski crystal jewelry pairs as beautifully with casual attire as it does with evening wear. But how often is too often when it comes to donning your jewelry?

Wearing Swarovski Rings at Home

Sporting a planet-sized Swarovski crystal ring and matching Swarovski crystal heart pendant while you’re ambling around your home is probably not high on your to-do list. But there are plenty of simple, smaller designs perfect for everyday at-home wear. While the composition of gold-filled and sterling silver ring designs withstand daily wear-and-tear, Swarovski crystals are best kept away from water. Clear stoned rings stand up to handwashing, but it’s best to remove your rings before doing the dishes or other cleaning tasks requiring the submersion of your hands in water and cleaning chemicals.

Larger Swarovski crystal stones, colored crystals, and crystals with surface effects and coatings are best removed before contact with water, including hand washing. If your rings do get dull or dirty, you can refresh them with a quick wash in lukewarm water and a couple of drops of mild soap. Dry it thoroughly with a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid commercial jewelry cleaners and sonic cleaning devices, which are too rough for your carefully crafted Swarovski components.

Wearing Swarovski Rings at Work

Dying to wear your Swarovski rings to work? Dress codes vary by industry, from nearly non-existent to policies in which larger, flashier Swarovski rings are not appropriate. In this case, smaller, more conservative ring styles such as monotone and rose gold bead designs offer a more understated yet nevertheless beautiful option.

Wearing Swarovski Rings on the Go

Swarovski crystal jewelry is the ideal travel companion, and a great alternative to risking irreplaceable heirloom pieces on the road. Swap out your engagement ring for a Swarovski stand-in for worry-free travels.

Wearing Swarovski Rings at the Beach

It is perfectly safe to wear your Swarovski rings at the beach, so long as you’re mindful of your activities. Swarovski crystals shine beautifully in the light and are not damaged by the sun. If you plan on building a sandcastle or playing in the waves, however, Swarovski jewelry is best removed to avoid damage from sand and seawater.

Wearing Your Swarovski Rings to Special Events

Swarovski is known for its striking, oversized cocktail rings. They are the perfect complement to evening attire, making a bold statement. Oversized and detailed Swarovski ring designs are best removed before handwashing. A word of caution, however: If your rings have sharp edges, be careful when wearing them with soft fabrics like chiffon and cashmere.

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