One of the best things about beading is the sheer variety of materials you can use. There are hundreds of different beads in our collection alone, and each of them has something special to bring to the right project.

However, some beads and findings are noticeably more popular than others. What is it about these that makes them so attractive to so many crafters? Today, we’ll take a look at our top 4 best-selling products and the many possible applications for each of them.

1. Gold Filled Plain Round Beads

Gold-filled round plain beads are some of the most versatile beads we have in our collection. These small, shiny beads make great base materials for jewelry projects, giving the piece a luxurious and attractive look without upstaging more dramatic elements like pendants and gemstone beads.

Our line of gold-filled round beads is available in sizes ranging from 2mm all the way up to 12mm. You can get most sizes in either the bold classic gold or softer rose gold. Our 3mm Gold Filled Plain Round Bead is our most popular option and is just the right size for slim necklaces, bracelets, or even earrings.

2. Gold Filled Clasps

No jewelry project is complete without a clasp. Our gold-filled clasps are enduring best-sellers and come in a variety of different styles, including fish hook, lobster claw, filigree, and trigger clasps. Some are even made to hold up to 7 strands together, allowing you to create intricate pieces with ease.

Our most popular gold-filled clasp is our 6mm Gold Filled Spring Rings Lock, a simple clasp that opens and closes using a spring-loaded internal mechanism. Small, secure, and easy to use, it’s an excellent option for almost any piece of jewelry and won’t leave you worrying about whether it might come loose.

3. Sterling Silver Plain Round Beads

Gold not quite your style? Our sterling silver plain round beads are similar to our gold-filled round beads in terms of utility, but their pale shine completely changes the look of the pieces they’re used to create. They’re great for creating elegant jewelry using a cooler color palette than you would typically see from gold pieces.

These beads range between 2mm and 19mm in size, so you’ll have no trouble finding the right size to bring your creative vision to life. Our 4mm Sterling Silver Plain Round Bead is the most popular of this bunch and strikes the perfect balance between showiness and easy wearability.

4. Gold Filled Curved Tubes

Rounding out our top 4 categories is our set of gold-filled curved tube beads. These beads are much longer than your typical bead and look like a slimmer version of a macaroni noodle. They may be made up of one single curve or multiple curves that work together to create a twisting shape. These curves also vary in severity: some are hardly bent at all while others are nearly semi-circular. When many of these beads are strung together, they create a longer curved shape that looks like it’s made of a single piece of metal.

Our gold-filled curved tube beads are available in sizes up to 72mm long and come in many different textures, including smooth, fluted, and twisted. Our best seller is the 5x37mm Gold Filled Curved Tube, a beautifully simple medium-sized bead that almost perfectly replicates the look and feel of a thicker gold wire. They’re great for making bracelets, chokers, and other pieces that look best when resting directly against the skin.

Give These Great Beads a Go

Any avid beader who has never worked with any of these beads is missing out on a whole new range of crafting possibilities. Why not get some for your next project? You can pick up any of these beads and more with just a few clicks at our online bead supply wholesale store. Grab a few and see what new trinkets and treasures you can make with these quality supplies.