Some people like to hang artwork on walls and keep their digital screens updated with pretty pieces. For others, the best type or one of the best types of art is that which is always with you. Jewelry. Wearable works of art like Cloisonne beads bring daily, hourly, every second beauty to the wearer. Beauty both for the wearer to enjoy as well as those with whom they interact. But as with many things, precious items like Cloissone jewelry must be properly taken care of if they are to last.

Tips to Taking Care of Wearable Works of Art

There are a lot of different types of pieces you can make with custom jewelry making supplies that will require special care, but Cloisonne pieces are a great example of something beautiful that must be treated well if it is to last. The term Cloisonne, a French word meaning “partition”, is a type of classical metalwork technique in which very small precious metal filaments are combined with colorful glass beads and enamels. Each color bead is precision cut to be added into a piece of art so that the result looks very similar to stained glass windows. In fact, these types of pieces have another similarity to those beautiful glass windows: They require proper care or one risks cracks, scratches, and other damages.

How to Clean and Care for Cloisonne Jewelry

  • Avoid harsh products. Never use any type of chemical or other type of abrasive cleaner on this type of jewelry. Instead, you should only use water and a soft, clean lint-free rag or cloth. The reason for this is because chemicals, even seemingly mild chemicals, can cause etching and discoloration in the Cloissone beads. This is likewise true for other types of special metals, for example when you buy gold filled beads in bulk you will want to check to see what chemical restrictions come with them before cleaning.
  • Do not soak Cloisonne jewelry pieces. Yes, you want to use simple water to clean your jewelry pieces. But the technique here should be wiping the pieces clean — never soaking. Soaking this type of jewelry into water for any extended amount of time risks serious damages. That’s because these pieces will have small gaps within the enamel that are natural as part of their production. However, while normal, when water is allowed to be absorbed into these holes without fast drying, one risks it sustaining damage. This is especially true when the water is hot or cold as temperature extremes can cause metal to expand and/or contract. This is sometimes temporary but there is always a chance of water permanently warping the piece.

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