The detailed, colorful enamel of Cloisonne beads can capture your attention. However, with so much movement in the design of the beads, it is easy to overlook imperfections in lesser quality supplies. How can you tell superior beads from those that aren’t as well constructed? Examining Cloisonne beads closely will give you keen insight into the quality of their design.

How Cloisonne Beads Are Made

Understanding how Cloisonne beads are made is crucial to uncovering design inconsistencies masked in low quality beading supplies. Cloisonne beads begin with a copper base, inlaid with twists of silver or gold wires, creating individual compartments. Colorful enamel is deposited between the strips and later fired in a kiln, allowing craftsmen to create beautiful, distinctive designs that resemble miniature stained-glass art. This art form dates back thousands of years, crisscrossing the globe through Egypt, China, Rome, France, Europe, and later to America. While the enameling process has improved over the years, the classic design of Cloisonne beads remains.

Tips for Identifying High-Quality Cloisonne Beads

Our beads and jewelry making supplies are some of the best available. You can tell our superior quality Cloisonne bead from competitors. The best Cloisonne beads showcase these qualities:

  • Smooth surface
    The surface of premium Cloisonne beads will be smooth, with no rough edges or protruding wires.
  • Uniform shape
    Properly made Cloisonne beads should not have any pits or high spots. Each section should be completely filled with enamel.

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Wearable Works of Art

Cloisonne beads should be cared for like the art they are. When they’re not being worn, they should be stored in small bags to guard the enamel against scratches. They must also be cleaned carefully with a soft, lint-free cloth and minimal water to prevent liquids from being absorbed into small holes that may be in the body of the beads. Never use harsh cleaners or ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, which can damage the surface of the beads.

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