Prismatic Christmas: DIY Christmas Decoration at home

Prismatic Christmas: DIY Christmas Decoration at home

As Christmas draws closer, you may be thinking about how you want to decorate your home for the occasion. You can add some extra glitz to all of your holiday displays with handmade crystal ornaments constructed using our quality beading supplies. Keep reading to find out what you’ll need for this project and how to turn a small pile of beads into a glamorous icicle accent.


For this craft, you’ll need

You can get these beading tools and supplies shipped right to your door from our online store. Be sure to order bicones, briolettes, polygons, and at least one pendant.

Making the Ornament

  1. Start by cutting a four-foot piece of beading thread from the spool and threading it into your beading needle. This might seem like too much, but trust us – you’ll need it!
  2. Use a bead stopper on the open end to keep your beads from falling off, then begin threading the first beads onto the line. Begin with one 8mm briolette bead, then add two 3mm bicones. Continue with an 8mm polygon, then two more bicones. Then add another 8mm briolette and two more bicones.
  3. Once you’ve gotten this far, it’s time to start using some bigger beads. Add a 12mm briolette to the string followed by a bicone, a polygon, another bicone, and one more 12mm briolette.
  4. At this point, you will have reached the very bottom of the ornament. String six bicones together, then add the centerpiece of the whole design: a shimmering crystal pendant. Drop pendants work well for creating a dripping icicle-like effect, but you can use any shape you like. Try one of our Swarovski crystal heart pendants to evoke the warmth and togetherness of the holidays.
  5. After attaching the pendant, thread six more bicones onto the string to complete the small loop that will hold it in place. Then thread the needle back up through the entire line of beads.
  6. The final step involves creating the loop that holds the finished ornament up. To do this, thread 18 bicones together, then pull the thread toward the base of the longer string. Tie several knots at the base of the loop to keep all of the beads in place, then trim away any thread that is still showing.

When you’re done, you will have created a stunning statement piece perfect for decorating your home for the holidays. Hang it on your tree, add it to a window display, or string a few over your mantle – however you choose to show off your glittering creation, it’s sure to make an impression on everyone who visits you during this year’s festivities.

Deck the Halls… with Beads!

This ornament is just one of the many gorgeous crafts you can make with the beads and supplies we stock here at Crystal Findings. Our massive selection of crystal and stone beads, wires, beading threads, and other custom jewelry making supplies includes everything you need to tackle projects both large and small. Browse our listings today and see what else you can find to make your home sparkle this holiday season.

Is it Time to Take Off your Jewelry ?

Is it Time to Take Off your Jewelry ?

We know that wonderful feeling when you have a piece of jewelry that just perfectly suits you. Maybe it is a Swarovski crystal heart pendant that is the ideal size and weight, sitting nicely along a lovely silver chain, or maybe you took custom jewelry making supplies to create a one-of-a-kind beaded bracelet that perfectly matches your eyes and hair. Whatever the case, taking off these unique pieces may be something you try and avoid. Let’s take a look at some times when maybe it’s time to overcome that struggle and take off the jewelry… at least for a little while.

3 Times You Should Take Off Jewelry

Swimming and showering.

The bathtub, the swimming pool, the local river spot, and the ocean all offer fantastic outdoor recreational possibilities. Unfortunately, they also all pose problems to jewelry. Rings sourced from all types of materials risk becoming slick and falling off. The chlorine in the pool and salt in the ocean can damage the precious metals and rocks of Swarovski beads and crystals. So unless you are wearing something truly waterproof, it tends to be a good idea to take jewelry off when swimming or bathing.

Working out.

That same salt in the ocean that can tarnish precious metals also exists in your perspiration. So whenever you work out to the point of sweating, whether that is running out in the park or lifting weights in the gym, take off those precious metal pieces. In addition, if you are in the gym, it is a good idea to take off any rings and earrings you might have on. You don’t want to wear rings in the gym because the combination of sweat and many moving machines poses a risk of degloving. Similarly, long, hanging earrings can get caught and tear your ear if you aren’t careful. It is true that some appropriately fit stone beads and other types of jewelry made from wood or stone beading tools and supplies can withstand perspiration and, with the right fit, don’t pose a big safety risk. But small risks are still risks and something you will need to be wary of when working out. Most will find it better to play it safe and remove all jewelry before you head to the gym.

Heavy cleaning.

What type of cleaning supplies do you use at home and potentially at work? While there are some fantastic eco-friendly, non-chemical cleaning supplies available on the market, most of us still find the need to use more intensive chemicals. After all, nothing can get ugly stains out quite like bleach. But take care as those chemicals are truly stain-fighters, but they can also tarnish your Swarovski beads and crystals. It’s a good idea to either ensure all jewelry is safely tucked beneath your clothes (such as those beautiful pendants) when cleaning or to remove altogether.

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We hope this piece of jewelry advice helps you as you decide which jewelry to wear and when. When it comes to adding to your collection, you will want to visit our extensive collection available online at Crystal Findings.