10 Unique Gold-Filled Beads to Use in Your Holiday Gifts – Part 1

10 Unique Gold-Filled Beads to Use in Your Holiday Gifts – Part 1

Christmas is coming up fast – do you know what to get for everyone on your holiday shopping list? If not, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Jewelry and other projects made with gold-filled beads are great for men, women, and children can be customized to match each person’s tastes and look so wonderfully upscale that you’d never guess how easy they are to make.

To help you start planning out all of your holiday projects, we’ll be taking a look at a few of the many gold-filled beads we stock at our online store. We’ll talk about what they look like, whether they come in different sizes or textures, and how to use each of them to their best advantage this holiday season.

1. Gold Filled Round Beads

Gold-filled round beads are simple round golden beads. They come in a few different sizes and are sometimes textured to add visual interest, but plain ones are also very common.

Gold-filled round beads are perhaps the most versatile type of bead available. You’ll want to buy them in bulk if you plan on doing any extensive work with gold-filled beads. You can use them in any of your projects from jewelry making. They’re so simple and understated that they won’t take over the piece, but instead lend it a subtle touch of luxury. They’re also great when paired with other luxury materials like Swarovski crystals.

2. Gold Filled Rice Beads

Gold-filled rice beads are long oval-shaped golden beads. Fittingly, most of them resemble large grains of rice. Some are very long and slender while others are shorter and bulkier, closer to a round bead in appearance. They are available in both plain and textured varieties.

Rice beads are often used instead of round beads when a beader wants to create a slimmer and more delicate piece. Like gold-filled round beads, gold-filled rice beads can be used in almost every project you can think of and offer a pleasantly upscale look.

3. Gold Filled Curved Tube Beads

Gold-filled curved tube beads are long, slightly curved beads that somewhat resemble pieces of dried macaroni. They are often twisted, corrugated, or otherwise textured to give them a little more visual interest.

Curved tube beads are used when a beader wants to simulate the appearance of an unbroken band of metal, usually for a necklace or bracelet. They can also be used as spacer beads to separate showier elements like charms or rose crystal beads. For obvious reasons, you should avoid using these beads unless you want a curved shape in your final design. Rice beads or interlocking beads can be used to create a similar effect without the curve.

4. Gold Filled Saucer Beads

Gold-filled saucer beads are shaped like large rounded discs, making them look a bit like a flying saucer with a hole on the top. They are significantly larger than your standard round bead and come in a variety of smooth and textured options.

These beads are great for accenting chunkier pieces, especially bracelets. Adding a single saucer bead between basic round or rice beads immediately draws the eye to the saucer bead and can give the piece some subtle visual interest, especially if the saucer bead is textured. Some beaders also use them alone to create a thicker version of a basic round bead piece.

5. Gold Filled Interlock Beads

Gold-filled interlock beads are beads that are made to fit together when placed side by side on a string or wire. When they are carefully placed in an unbroken line, a beader can use interlock beads to create a piece that looks and feels uniquely smooth and almost seamless.

These beads are great for creating thick yet pliable sections of gold material, so use them for projects where this is the goal. They make stunning necklaces and bracelets but should not be used with many non-interlocking beads that could spoil the effect.

Get All the Gold Filled Beads You Need at Crystal Findings

Our next post will cover even more types of gold-filled beads (yes, there are more!), but for now, you can shop for some to get started on our online store. As the leading provider of wholesale beads and jewelry supplies in the US, we make sure we always have a wide selection of luxury beads in stock for customers like you.

Browse our current stock, put a few golden beads into your cart, and be sure to check back next time for even more information on gold filled beads!

Unique Beaded Necklace Collection

Unique Beaded Necklace Collection

Here at Crystal Findings, we specialize in selling the widest selection of
beading supplies online. We offer beads in every size and just about every style and material that you can think of because our team is passionate about helping others follow their dreams or love of making their own jewelry. That said, sometimes you don’t have time to make your own pieces for an event or special occasion in which you want to give a piece as a gift. Or maybe you’re just getting started and you want to see how final products might look and feel. For those situations, our unique Ready Made Necklace collection is perfect.

Our unique ready-made beaded necklaces were all made from jewelry components we ourselves sell. This includes necklaces made of our gold-filled beads and findings as well as pendants and chains. Let’s take a look and you can decide for yourself whether one of these pieces calls out to you, or inspires you to start shopping for the pieces with which we made them:

Crystal Findings Unique Beaded Necklace Collection

  • #12026 14K Gold Filled Necklace With Swarovski Leaf Pendant. This gorgeous piece features round and tubular gold-filled beads that are interspaced with crystalline beads. This is a necklace that would look fantastic paired with a darker jacket or dress. The highlight is a stunning Swarovski leaf pendant that dazzles when light strikes it just so.
  • #12041 – Gold Filled Necklace With Swarovski Crystal – Jet & Rose. This is a wonderful patterned necklace that features both gold-filled beads and our special Swarovski crystal beads. At the front of the necklace, the crystal beads are interspersed to give a more alluring look. We particularly love how the 5mm Swarvoski light rose crystal beads pair with the jet black ones here. The ready-made necklace comes in a variety of sizes so that you can choose to go small for a more choker style necklace or go for the largest 20-inch version for a piece that will hang well below your collar bones.
  • #12044 – Gold Filled Necklace With Star & Swarovski Crystal Beads. This special ready-made necklace is perfect when you want something that is simple but has a standout appearance. This necklace features our star beads that have gold stars imprinted on synthetic frosty beads along with the gold-filled beads. We find that these beads are often in high demand before American-related holidays like the Fourth of July and Labor Day. So if you’re looking to don this starry necklace (or want to make your own) for a big event related to these styles of holidays, make sure you order well in advance!

View Our Store Today to Get Started

Our team is proud of our ready-made necklace collection, but we also know that most of our customers prefer to make their own. So make sure to check our jewelry-making supplies online if the above gave you inspiration so you can copy and create your own fantastic beaded looks!