At Crystal Findings, we know sometimes it can be hard to choose between your favorite jewelry pieces. That’s why we’re so excited about this most recent trend – Swarovski crystal bead layering bracelets! Now you can wear dozens of your favorite bracelets on one are at one time. How can you get the look and expand your collection?

How to Make Swarovski Crystal Layering Bracelets

Swarovski bead layering bracelets are easily created with jeweler’s elastic. Choose your favorite Swarovski shapes and colors, pairing them with gold or sterling silver round beads. You can also go full sparkle, creating a line of Swarovski beads. Our factory packs of Swarovski round and bicone beads are perfect for this project, allowing you to create a number of bracelets ranging in size from 2.5mm to 20mm depending on bead style.

You can start with a line of smaller beads, featuring 3mm gold-filled beads accented by colorful Swarovski rounds or Swarovski bicone crystals. Then, vary sizing, using beads with a larger diameter, creating a rainbow of multi-sized bracelets. Bracelets can be mixed and matched to your outfit or mood. Stack your favorites up your arm – there’s no limit to the number of shimmering Swarovski stacking bracelets you can wear at once!

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The Secret is in the Sizing

While the standard wrist is 6 inches, requiring a 7 inch standard bracelet, Swarovski stacking bracelets should fit snugly on your arm. Measuring ensures a more precise fit. You don’t want these stacking bracelets flopping around. If you have a standard, 6 inch wrist, we recommend making a 6.75 inch bracelet rather than a standard 7 inch. For a 7 inch wrist, an 7.75 inch bracelet, and so on.  Be sure to measure your string before you start constructing the bracelet.

Perfect for Everyday Wear

You can wear your Swarovski stacking bracelets almost anywhere. Harder than standard glass, with a Mohs hardness of 6-7, Swarovski crystals stand up to daily wear and tear. They are easily cared for with an occasional cleaning with warm, soapy water. While the alluring shimmer of the crystals may tempt you to leave them on in perpetuity, to preserve the life of your crystals, however, we recommend taking them off when exercising, swimming, showering, or doing dishes.

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