Stone-beaded bracelets are simple yet elegant accessories that can add a touch of class to any outfit. There are plenty available at various retailers, but why settle for something premade? It’s easy to make your own custom stone beaded bracelets with some basic materials and crafting supplies. Whether you want to make the bracelet you’ve always dreamed of, create a one-of-a-kind gift for a friend, or start your own jewelry-making business, you’ll have no trouble making an item that’s better than any you’ll find on store shelves.


Before you sit down to start assembling your bracelet, you’ll need to gather the following:

You can get these supplies from most craft stores or online – and of course, our store has all the beads you could possibly want.

Spend some time browsing our selection before you make your final decision. Think about whether you want to go with a full row of just one kind of bead or incorporate a pattern into your design. Either approach can yield beautiful results, but patterns are typically more eye-catching and unique.

The Crafting Process

Once you’ve decided on a design and acquired the materials you need to make it, it’s time to start shaping the wire into a bracelet.

Start by attaching the hook clasp to the end of your wire. To do this, you’ll need to create a small loop with the end of round nose pliers. Take the wire in your hands and start bending it about one inch before the end. Keep bending it until your loop is almost complete, then slip the hook clasp into the loop. Finish attaching the clasp by twisting the remaining bit of wire around the base of the loop. There should be at least two twists here to keep the clasp firmly in place. Remember to tuck the sharp end away so the wearer won’t cut themselves on it.

Now that you have one end of the bracelet complete, you can begin beading. Simply string the beads onto the wire in whatever pattern you choose. Keep in mind that the center of a typical 7-inch bracelet will fall around the 3-inch mark and not the 3.5-inch mark you would expect. This is because the clasp and surrounding wire twists will take up some of the space. Plan your designs accordingly to make sure they have the impact you intended.

Finally, you’ll need to shape the end of the bracelet into a loop that can fit into the clasp. To do this, use the round nose pliers to carefully twist the wire just above the point where your beadwork ends. Check to see if your loop fits into your clasp and creates a bracelet of the intended size. If anything isn’t right, bend the wire back and rework the bracelet as needed.

When you’re happy with the size and fit, use the flat nose pliers to twist the wire around the base of the loop, leaving a little extra room for the beads to move around. Cut the wire, and just like that, you have a finished bracelet.

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