These shimmery charm bracelets are impossibly easy and inexpensive to make. They are the perfect gift for any occasion, accenting a variety of clothing styles from everyday casual to evening and formal wear. Keep your jewelry design simple and classic with our sterling silver beads and findings, or dress them up with our stunning Swarovski crystal pendants. Prefer a warmer tone? Don’t be afraid to go for the gold!

How to Make a Shimmery Charm Bracelet

  • Beads and beading tools you’ll need:

    • 4 to 8 mm stardust beads
    • Silver crimp beads
    • Seed or spacer beads
    • Jump rings
    • Lobster clasps
    • Charms
    • 7 strand cable wire or Soft Flex .019  or .024 49 strand wire.
    • 2 x smasher pliers
    • Cutters
  • Beaded bracelet assembly instructions:

  1. Place a crimp bead on one end of the beading wire, using your smasher pliers to crush and hold it in place.
  2. Thread the charm on, followed by 11 stardust beads to fill half the bracelet. Follow with 3 seed or spacer beads on the end.
  3. Place a crimp bead on that end of the wire.
  4. Take your jump ring with one pair of pliers, with the split facing up in the middle. Use the other pliers to hold the opposite side. Open, pulling one side of the jump ring toward you while pushing the other away.
  5. Take the loop end of the lobster clasp, threading on the ring. Close it in the reverse method of opening, taking care there is no overlap.
  6. For the other half of the bracelet, place another crimp bead on the wire following the seed/spacer beads.
  7. Take the clasp and jump ring you constructed, feed the wire through the jump ring, and then bend it back toward and through the crimp bead, feeding the wire through twice.
  8. Pull the crimp bead as close as you can to the jump ring, then use flat nose pliers to push the crimp bead shut.
  9. Now slide all your beads toward that end, tucking the wire’s tail end to hide it within the beads.
  10. Go to the other side of the wire. Use side cutters to remove the crimp bead.
  11. String the next 11 stardust beads onto the wire, followed by 3 seed/spacer beads and another crimp bead, close to seed/spacer beads.
  12. Take the jump ring and hook it into the clasp. Push the wire through the jump ring. Make sure the beads fit snugly together. Next, bend the wire back on itself, pushing it through the crimp and seed/spacer beads as you did with the other side.
  13. Hold the main wire steady with a pair of pliers; use the other pair to pull the wire back through the seed beads and first stardust bead. Complete the fit by hand for a snug finish.
  14. Cut the excess wire, tucking it into the beads.
  15. Squeeze the crimp bead carefully into place, taking care to avoid crushing the seed beads.

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