5530 – 28mm Swarovski Aquiline Crystal Bead – Light Amethyst


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Swarovski #5530 aquiline crystal bead has an elegantly curved shape that you can use a center piece of necklace and it can be used for bracelet and earring. These beads are called center hole drilled (but hole is not centered, more towards the fat end). These beads are high quality precision cut give unmatched brilliance and sharp angles catch the light when the bead is viewed from different angles. This bead has excellent hole quality with smooth edges that protect the thread from wear and hole runs in the center side to side.  

Size: Length: 28mm   Width : 10.5mm
Hole size: 1.7mm 
Material: Crystal 
Shape: Aqualine 
Style: #5530 
Brand: Swarovski 
Country of Origin: Austria

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