11059-10 – 0.5mm Stretch Magic Elastic Jewelry Cord Clear – (10 Meter)


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Item # 11059-10

Stretch Magic is an extremely strong and stretchy elastic cord. This cord is perfect for making bracelets and watchbands that fit a range of wrist sizes without using a clasp. This cord fits through most stone and crystal bead holes. This cord is clear and transparent, perfect for designs where the cord should be invisible. Use crimps or end caps with this cord to finish the piece. It is made up of a mixture of polyester and polyurethane. Stretch Magic is solid and does not crack or become hard over time. This cord is easy to knot, just finish off a design, tie a three square knot and dab with a flexible adhesive to secure. This product is available in Clear

Color – Clear                                                                                                                  Material – Elastic or Rubber
Brand – Stretch Magic
Thickness – 0.5mm
Place Of Origin USA
Measurements Length 10 meters ( 32 Feet )

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