Add a personalized touch to your next project with alphabet beads. From friendship bracelets to wine glass charms, letter beads are a great way to make an impact. Their versatile design works with a variety of designs, including a larger hole for use with a variety of stringing materials from natural leather to forgiving stretch magic and black cords.

Crystal Findings Offers a Wide Assortment of Letter Bead Styles

We offer single alphabet beads by the letter in sterling silver, so you never have to worry about waste. Order just what you need for your project from our extensive selection of designer quality beads for your upcoming project. Choose from:

  • Sterling silver alphabet beads
    We have one of the largest collections of high-quality sterling silver beads and findings on the market, including 4.5mm, 5.5mm, and large 6.5mm sterling silver alphabet bead sizes. Pair them with our 5.5mm character beads for a touch of added flair.
  • Gold plated sterling silver alphabet beads
    Our brilliant, 5.5 mm, 14K gold plated letter beads add dazzle and luxurious appeal to any jewelry making project.
  • Glass alphabet beads
    Add a touch of color or depth and dramatic flair with our glass alphabet beads. We offer three different designs, including 6mm beads in black and white, black and gold, and
    red and white color schemes.  These glass letter beads are perfect for children’s bracelets and necklaces complementing with our gold filled and sterling silver beads as well as wide selection of colorful diamond shape and or round faceted Swarovski crystal beads that gives sparkle people admire.

Creating a Unique Design is As Easy as ABC

Personalize your project with a name, inspirational message, support your favorite team or cause, or memorialize an event, expressing yourself in your own unique way. Set them in resin, string them on cord, or wrap them in wire. Letter beads appeal to women of all ages. Whether you want to create the perfect Mother’s Day gift, holiday present for a child, or find another way to say, “I love you,” alphabet beads are the ideal way to bring your message to life. Alphabet beads from Crystal Findings are the perfect addition to:

  • Bracelets & Necklaces
    From “best friend” necklaces and bracelets to designs showcasing children and grandchildren, popular alphabet jewelry designs never go out of style, offering lasting mementos.
  • Keychains
    Create keychains that are beautiful and easily identifiable, pairing alphabet beads with colorful companion beads.
  • Bookmarks
    Inspire the avid reader in your life with a customized bookmark.
  • Wine glass charms
    Incorporating alphabet beads onto wine glass charms is the perfect way to prevent cocktail confusion.
  • Napkin rings
    Leave dinners guests with a lasting party favor, after denoting their place setting with a personalized napkin ring.
  • And more!
    We offer so many different styles of alphabet beads, you’ll have fun thinking up new combinations and creations.

Give your upcoming project a distinctive touch with alphabet beads. Shop the wide assortment of beads and findings at Crystal Findings. Gain inspiration from our latest catalog today.