Working out and wearing one’s favorite jewelry are two activities that interestingly have a lot in common. After all, we pick out and wear favorite jewelry pieces like a Swarovski crystal heart pendant because we want to accentuate and bring beauty to a part of our body, in this case, our neck and chest. Similarly, most of us work out in part because we want to likewise accentuate the body parts themselves; slimmer and more toned arms and legs. So, when it comes to working out in public, is it any surprise that many people want to wear jewelry?

However, wanting to do something does not mean that it is okay. Before you head out to the gym in your sterling silver beads, there are two big things to consider that will determine whether or not donning on those pieces are a good idea: Safety & Jewelry Quality.

Safety Issues With Wearing Jewelry While You Workout

The number one type of jewelry that is almost universally a bad idea to wear while working out is rings. Rings are generally a bad idea for workouts, but especially whenever you are using your hands around exercise equipment. This is due to the rigidity of metallic rings in general as well as the snug fit of rings around most peoples’ fingers. Say you catch the corner of the ring on some type of exercise equipment, you risk a snag or fall situation in which the ring gets caught, and your skin tears with it in what is called a ring avulsion injury. This is incredibly painful and may be debilitating.

Outside of rings, however, most jewelry can be safely worn with the right precautions. Generally stated, you want to avoid any type of jewelry that snugs too tight to the skin, such as choker necklaces, but also avoid anything too loose and dangling as those also increase the risk of getting caught on something and torn from you.

Choosing the Right Quality Jewelry for Working Out

After jewelry style, the next thing to look at is what your jewelry is made out of. That’s because when you work out, invariably you will sweat. That sweat contains two things most metals hate the most: Water and Salt. Jewelry that is comprised largely or in full from a base metal of copper, nickel, or brass, is especially sensitive to degrading when exposed to sweat. They will corrode and often will leave an ugly green or blackish staining on the skin.

The good news is that if you choose quality pieces or non-metallic pieces, you won’t have these issues at all. For example, where gold-plated jewelry is sensitive to water like those aforementioned base metals, gold-filled beads are not due to their unique construction. When buying and choosing beads jewelry making supplies for making your own pieces, consider wood, pearl, or similar non-metal beads as your prime workout jewelry.

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