Swarovski crystal is a favorite among professional jewelry makers and designers. The Swarovski name has remained synonymous with quality and luxury since 1892. Competitors try but fail to replicate their quality. Is it worth investing in Swarovski crystal beads for jewelry design? There are many reasons why these stunning crystals look better and cost more than bargain replicas.

5 Reasons Why Swarovski Crystals are Worth It

1. Swarovski crystals are made from real lead glass.

Swarovski crystals are not simply made but involve a complex process dependent on high-quality materials. These manmade luxury crystal pendants and beads are made only by Swarovski of Austria. They are neither a crystal nor a gem, but a form of lead glass. Swarovski’s proprietary blend of quartz, sand, minerals, and about 32% lead maximizes refraction, giving the crystals their signature shimmer, creating a look similar to that of a diamond. Such clarity in crystal is difficult to produce, requiring pure materials and precise production methods.

2. Highly specialized cutting practices create higher refraction and more sparkle.

Precision cutting with a patented electric cutting machine ensures accurate, consistent cuts. Swarovski crystals are created with as many as 100 facets, which mirror and bend light in many directions, producing a higher refraction index and increased sparkle. After cutting each crystal, each one is polished to perfection, some enhanced with coatings that refract light in different color spectrums.

3. Every Swarovski Crystal meets strict quality standards.

Crystals with inconsistencies often seen in inferior quality beads such as bubbles, scratches, and dull or lackluster finish will not meet Swarovski quality standards for perfection. Premium Swarovski crystal beads must be consistently produced to meet the company’s rigid manufacturing standards. Authenticated Swarovski crystals:

    • Are identical in size and cut.
    • Contain no bubbles.
    • Are clear, smooth, brilliants, and without blemish.
    • Possess a diamond-like shine.
    • Have facets that meet and point upwards.
    • Are identical in color tone.
    • Are sold loose, except for Swarovski pearls, which are strung together.

4. Swarovski crystal uphold their resale value.

Due to their demanding design standards and lasting popularity, Swarovski crystals hold their value quite well, making them a favorite among designers and jewelry aficionados.

5. Swarovski crystals are easy to maintain.

A bit of mild dish soap and warm water easily restores Swarovski crystals back to their former brilliance. No professional cleaning is required.

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