Are you struggling to find affordable, quality jewelry you love at your area store? If the rising prices and decreasing quality of jewelry have left you frustrated, reinvest your time, effort, and money into making your own lasting jewelry creations. Jewelry making is easier than you think! With a stash of cute sterling silver and gold-filled beads, you can make your own unique bracelets and necklaces. Keep them and expand your wardrobe, or create jewelry for friends and loved ones to give as a gift.

Beads to Inspire Your Imagination

Crystal Findings offers an array of high-quality beads in many unique designs. With a few jewelry making supplies and a small supply of beads, you’ll be quickly on your way to creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces.

  • Sterling Silver Beads for Jewelry Making
    • Keep it simple with classic accents like plain sterling silver round beads and round beads with a stardust finish.
    • Put a new twist on your design with sterling silver curved tubes, rondelles, and more.
    • Find the perfect accent to a Swarovski Crystal pendant centerpiece among our array of sterling silver fancy beads.
    • Say it with love with sterling silver alphabet beads, adding inspiring quotes or staking your claim on a loved one.
    • Add a touch of exotic flair with silver Bali beads and charms.
    • Design jewelry set with matching sterling silver earrings with the help of our findings.
  • Gold Filled Beads for Jewelry Making
    • Make a design that is fun and unique with our wide array of gold-filled charms.
    • Create an elegant necklace with gold-filled drop beads.
    • Accent your artwork with classic gold-filled round beads, saucer beads, or beads with a stardust finish.
    • Add a distinctive touch with gold-filled fancy round beads.
    • Put a new twist on your design with gold-filled curved tubes, twisted corrugated beads, bone shape beads, and more.
    • Complement any design, easily creating a set of matching earrings with our gold-filled findings.

Add a Touch of Color & Shine

If you or someone you love covets color, add vibrancy and shine with our extensive selection of unique and colorful beads, including…

  • Colorful semi-precious stone beads in shades of turquoise, jade, and carnelian.
  • The variable shades &  colors of the cat’s eye beads, perfect for adding color, texture, and depth.
  • Bright, shimmering, disco ball-like Shamballa beads.
  • The shining, luminous color of lamp beads.
  • Classic and sophisticated Cloisonné and floral beads.
  • Sparkling Swarovski crystal beads in a wide assortment of sizes, colors, and shapes, including crystal pendants.

Tired of the same old, same old? Shop the wide selection of affordable beading supplies at Crystal Finding and gain inspiration today.