Whether you sell handmade jewelry or simply enjoy making jewelry for yourself and friends, use the following tips to save money on your supplies.

Purchase Quality Jewelry Beads

If you want to save money, you should avoid the cheapest products. Cheap beads are more likely to crack or break, requiring you to purchase more beads.

By spending a little extra up front, you can ensure that you get high-quality beading supplies online that are less likely to get damaged.

For example, sterling silver beads and findings may cost a little more compared to pewter. However, the silver material is much more durable. Along with avoiding unnecessary waste, your completed pieces will look far more luxurious.

Recycle Your Old Jewelry Projects

You do not always need to purchase new beads to complete a project. Whether you are a professional or amateur jewelry maker, you likely have a few unfinished projects in your workshop or jewelry bench.

You can recycle your old projects and use the beads for a current piece. Even if you do not have matching beads, you may find that you can make some interesting designs using a hodgepodge of different beads.

Cut your old, uncompleted necklaces and bracelets to remove the beads. Sort them by size, shape, color, or style. Unless the beads got damaged in storage, they should be fine to use for your current projects.

Buy Your Beads and Supplies in Bulk

Buying bulk jewelry making supplies helps reduce the overall cost of your jewelry making operations. When you know that you are going to use a specific type of bead frequently, it makes more sense to purchase it in bulk. Besides saving money, you also ensure that you have extra beads on hand.

Buying in bulk allows you to get wholesale prices for high-quality supplies. This may allow you to use more expensive materials without increasing the cost of your supplies. When you buy gold-filled beads wholesale, you can start using more gold in your jewelry designs.

You may not need to purchase all your beads in bulk. When you are first getting into jewelry design, you may not know which beads you are going to use the most. Consider purchasing one or two specific types in bulk and using these as the main element in some of your designs.

Trade Beads and Supplies with Friends

Another economical way to gain the beads that you need is to trade with your friends. Most jewelry makers have an assortment of beads of varying sizes, materials, and designs.

You may not need all the beads that you have stored for upcoming jewelry pieces. Instead of letting these beads collect dust, you can trade them for something that you can use.