Are you passionate about creating your own unique pieces with custom jewelry-making supplies? Creating your own jewelry is a fantastic way to really accentuate your own look and/or if you are looking to upgrade from a personal hobby, something that can really bring in the extra cash. But before you start wearing, giving, and even selling bracelets made out of Shamballa beads, it is important to make sure your jewelry supplies have passed the important manufacturing tests.

The Workmanship Procedure Inspection

When you buy jewelry supplies like our gold-filled beads in bulk, you will see that they have gone through a rigorous inspection check. This is a type of review that looks at the workmanship quality of the items to make sure that they are free of any manufacturing defects and that the beads conform to the stated and desired specifications. Whenever you buy jewelry supplies from any outfit, you should always check that those supplies have likewise gone through their own review process.

During a workmanship or procedural check, a given piece of jewelry or grouping of supplies will be inspected for:

  • Scratching, denting, excessive soldering, excessive and visible gluing
  • Pieces that do not conform to the manufacture designated fit or do are missing stated parts
  • Poor finishing, mismatching colors, or items that do not have the correct patterns as stated by the manufacture’s design
  • Any pieces with dangerously sharp points or edges or with any frayed and exposed wires
  • Overall bad symmetry or misalignment

If any of the above issues are apparent during a workmanship check, they should be pulled immediately. If you are getting supplies that are not checked, then you risk something like a malformed pendant or dangerously sharp bracelets that can cause injury to yourself, your gift recipient, or your customer.

REACH Testing

REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals. This test refers to European Union standards but those buying jewelry internationally should consider checking suppliers for it as this testing helps to restrict the use of certain heavy metals. For example, compliance with REACH means that jewelry has negligible or otherwise safe levels of lead, cadmium, chromium, and other metals that are dangerous in certain amounts.

Pull Testing

Those buying chains, bands, or other pieces of jewelry that have some type of closing system should check to see whether the manufacture or seller puts those pieces through a pull test. A pull test measures how well a fastener or stringing metal is able to withstand a determined amount of pull force. This is an important test to use whenever buying wire, chains, and fasteners to use with heavier beading materials like Swarvoski crystal pendant beads or Cloisonne beads.

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