Do Swarovski Crystals Have Resale Value?

Swarovski crystal jewelry and art have enjoyed lasting popularity. Designers love the sparkling crystals, and collectors can’t get enough. But do Swarovski crystals have resale value? The worth of Swarovski crystals is closely tied with their availability or rarity, historical significance, and replacement value.

Narrowed Sales Channels in 2021 Boost Secondary Market Value

Swarovski determines how many crystals it will produce. It has frequently used this tactic over the years to create exclusive products. Once the pre-determined quota is met, a piece is retired. These discontinued pieces hold their value in the secondary market. Swarovski pieces are bought and sold in many online marketplaces, enjoying an increase in value and demand due to their limited availability. Prices in the secondary market are relatively stable. However, recent news may indicate an upcoming rise in the value of Swarovski crystal jewelry and art.

The company’s recent announcement surrounding changing business practices may give crystal values a boost. The amount of time available to purchase Swarovski crystal beads online may be limited. In order to make crystals more exclusive and boost prices, Swarovski plans to stop supplying loose crystals and to many jewelry brands and third-party resellers, turning their focus to apparel and accessories in the luxury market.

Determining Swarovski Crystal Value on the Secondary Market

A number of factors impact the value of crystals on the market, whether you’re buying or selling a more widely available Swarovski crystal heart pendant or limited edition figurine. These include:


The rarer the piece, the higher the value. Retired or discontinued pieces can be especially valuable.

Country of origin

Limited access to online marketplaces drives up value, while access to an abundance of secondary resellers may lead to lower values.


Typically, only broken, chipped crystals decrease in value – though this scenario is exceedingly rare. Swarovski crystal pendants, beads, and flat back stones are made of extremely durable glass. With the rare exception of occasional glue discoloration in some older pieces, they rarely show signs of aging.


Original packaging increases the value of Swarovski crystals. Authentic Swarovski packaging boxes are critical to the value of the piece, particularly with limited or numbered edition pieces, where packaging is fitted to the shape of the item.


Like any numbered or limited edition item, a certificate of authenticity is integral to resale value. The number on the certificate must match the number on crystals precisely. Like original packaging, there is no substitute or replacement.

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