You love showing off your gold-filled jewelry. But if you want to keep the gold-filled beads and findings you use to make your masterpieces looking their best and lasting as long as possible, certain daily activities are best avoided. What everyday tasks are you doing that are taking a toll on your favorite pieces?

Everyday Activities that Ruin Gold-Filled Jewelry

Showering damages jewelry

Body wash, shampoo, and chemicals in your municipal water supply can tarnish and dull gold. Leaving jewelry off and putting it on after you bathe is best.

Health and beauty products can cause tarnishing

Lotion, makeup, perfume, hair and body spray, and other products you put on before you go out can stick to jewelry, making it look dull and dirty and hardening beneath stone settings. Some natural stone beads like turquoise and opal can become permanently stained or damaged. The same goes for products you use during your nightly routine. The same issues apply. Jewelry should be the last thing you put on before you leave and the first thing you take off at night.

Household chores are hard on gold jewelry

Cleaning chemicals are not good for jewelry, dulling the finish and eating away at metals. Even sterling silver beads and findings can become damaged by household cleaning solutions. Friction damage from scrubbing and knocking into things is also tough on gold jewelry.

Yardwork can severely damage gold and settings

If you’re headed out to the garden or work on your lawn, leave the jewelry in the house. Sliding your jewelry into your shirt or donning a pair of gloves isn’t enough to protect jewelry. The repetitive motion and force necessary to perform lawn and garden work can damage and distort gold jewelry.

Exercise doesn’t work out for jewelry

The gym is not the place for jewelry. Between knocking around your jewelry during cardio, pressure from weights and exercise machines, and coating your jewelry with tarnishing sweat, eventually, you’ll be lucky to leave with it in one piece.

Sleep wears gold jewelry down

Earrings and necklaces can become crushed or tangled in your hair and blankets as you sleep, causing breakage. Taking jewelry off before heading to bed ensures a more comfortable, incident-free night’s sleep.

Swimming chemicals increase tarnishing and dulling

Precious metals cannot withstand contact from swimming pool chemicals. Chlorine and other substances from pools and hot tubs can dull, discolor, and break down alloys over time, causing cracks and weakening joints.

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