There are always going to be those people who associate sterling silver as not being fine enough. Those people are missing out. Sterling silver beads and jewelry are comprised of over 90% silver and the remainder a desirable metal alloy. This combination of metals creates a beautiful look that has several outstanding advantages. Advantages like the following are why jewelry lovers should start stocking up on sterling silver beading supplies online:

7 Reasons You Should Be Stocking More Sterling Silver Jewelry

  1. Sterling Silver is Durable. The alloy combination that makes sterling silver was created because of just how durable it is. This is going to be even more durable than gold filled beads which were likewise created to hold up to more rigorous use and the wear of time.
  2. Sterling Silver is Always Fashionable. The diamond industry may have coined the forever slogan, but it is sterling silver that is forever in fashion.
  3. Tons of Options With Sterling Silver. Why is sterling silver always in fashion? Because there is so much you can do with it! Keep things simple with just a chain or get more creative with personalizing beads jewelry making supplies.
  4. Easily Build Up a Collection. The great array of sterling silver jewelry options makes it easy to build up or otherwise upgrade your own jewelry collection. You can do it with complete pieces or by creating your own with sterling silver beads.
  5. Sterling Silver Jewelry is Versatile. The simple beauty and color of sterling silver make it a good pairing for just about any outfit. Whether you’re going out with your friends for a casual evening or have a more formal event planned, sterling silver pieces will fit nicely.
  6. Sterling Silver is Hypoallergenic. Some common base metals can cause skin irritations and other allergic reactions to those with sensitive skin. Sterling silver, especially when it is alloyed with copper, is renowned for not causing such ugly reactions.
  7. Easy to care for and maintain. One reason why people have historically avoided sterling silver is its tendency to tarnish. Tarnishing happens when sterling silver jewelry pieces sit too long unattended, resulting in a dirty and discolored appearance. While this does happen, the fix for it is simple. You can use a cheap varnish to clean that tarnish off or, you can simply wear your pieces. That’s because the oils in your skin will naturally clean your sterling silver. The more you wear, the more you maintain your pieces.

Get Started Making Your Beloved Sterling Silver Pieces Today

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