Versatile and beautiful, Swarovski crystal beads can be used in a variety of stunning jewelry projects for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to create high-end children’s jewelry, or sophisticated designs for men and women, Swarovski beads can help you achieve stellar project results.

New Ideas for Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Designs


Try these shimmering necklace designs, featuring Swarovski bi-cone beads, on for size:

  • Graduated necklace
    You’ll incorporate two lines of Swarovski bi-cone beads into this threaded necklace. For this statement piece, start with larger 8mm beads, placing them in the center of the necklace. Next, flank them with the 6mm beads, completing the necklaces with the smallest 3mm-4mm beads.
  • Graduated necklace with Swarovski elements
    You can make a slightly more complex graduated bi-cone necklace by adding other Swarovski elements into your design, such as Swarovski pendants, or Swarovski pearls.
  • Bead woven Swarovski necklace
    This slightly more complex bi-cone necklace features a right-angle bead woven technique. Elegant and durable, it attracts a lot of compliments – and customers. Search online for “bead woven bi-cone necklaces” for inspiration.

Swarovski threader earrings

These petite, sparkling earrings feature 3mm bi-cone beads. There are dozens of colors to choose from. String a line of beads onto a ball end head pin (approximately 8 per pin). From a simple loop to close the pin, and trim the excess. Attach jump rings and sterling silver ear threads to finish.

Wine Charms

Create a set of Swarovski wine charms for a lovely dinner party gift. Pair unique Swarovski shapes, such as arrows, with colored bi-cone clusters. Make each one different, so wine glasses are easily distinguishable by guests. Loop bicones onto a silver plated headpin, add to eye pin, and lose. String the eye pin through an arrow crystal or other unique Swarovski shape, then make a loop on top, trimming excess wire. Leave about 5mm to make a loop for stringing onto rings. Great options for attaching your crystal creation to glass stems include ring-sized memory wire, 18 gauge wire formed into a circle, or ¾ inch manipulating hoops from our sterling silver beads and findings collection.

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