Gold Filled Drop Beads

Dial Up the Drama with Gold Filled Drop Beads

If you want to incorporate some extra vertical dimension into your beading, gold-filled drop beads are the product for you. Gold-filled drop beads are long pendant-like beads with one hole on each end through. When they are strung on a cord or a piece of beading wire, the other end hangs below the string to produce a raindrop-like effect. They’re often used on necklaces and earrings to create a stunning focal point for a design.
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Gold-filled drop beads come in a variety of shapes and styles. Some add extra grooves and notches to transform the standard teardrop shape into something more interesting while others decorate the bead’s surface with eye-catching textures. Even plain gold-filled drop shape beads add incredible dramatic beauty to a piece, dangling loosely below the string and shimmering every time you move.

Purchase Gold Filled Drop Beads in Bulk at Crystal Findings

Gold-filled drop beads make stunning additions to almost every jewelry-making project. Add one to the center of a necklace or let two of them dangle from the ends of a luxurious pair of earrings. You’ll love how fashionable and exciting they make your pieces look.

You can stock up on gold-filled drop beads for all of your beading projects at Crystal Findings, the leading online jewelry supply store in the U.S. Order a few of our high-quality gold drop beads today, and they’ll be on their way to your door in no time. Our helpful customer service team is always ready to help with any inquiries you might have, and if anything goes wrong with your order, we’ll do everything we can to make it right. Pick up a few gold-filled drop beads today and get ready to make your custom jewelry even more beautiful. 
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