Intricately crafted silver Bali beads are a popular addition to jewelry designs. The fine artwork of high-quality Bali beads makes them easy for experienced crafters to spot. However, those unfamiliar with the beads can fall victim to cheap reproductions. With the glut of replicas on the market, how can you tell genuine Bali beads from imitations?

Genuine Beads Originated in Bali

As their name suggests, genuine Bali beads originated from Bali, Indonesia, whose silversmith culture reaches back at least 2600 years, when trading among Southeast Asian countries fueled the popularity of the beads. While other countries have begun crafting Balinese-style beads, unless the craftsmen are well trained in this intricate art, they may not have the same style, detail, and quality.

Real Bali Beads are Exquisitely Detailed

High-quality Bali beads are created by the steady hands of dedicated master silversmiths. Each handmade bead is a piece of fine art and quite different from mass-produced, machine-made beads. Crafting techniques and patterns are passed from generation to generation, with new elements added as artists hone their skills.

Like cloisonne beadsBali beads have a very specific manufacturing process. Bead designs are created by the application of granulation (silver dots) and wires soldered together in intricate patterns. The silver solder is heated by a torch flame, which oxidizes, turning the bead black. Some sections are later polished while others remain dark, creating a beautiful contrast. Even in beads that appear at first glance to be similar, you will notice slight variations in size, weight, and oxidation. Each completed bead is truly a unique work of art.

Bali Beads are Crafted from Sterling Silver

Real Bali beads are made of high quality .925 sterling silver (not fine silver). Choosing beads crafted only of sterling silver will ensure your jewelry will remain beautiful for years to come.

Crystal Findings Bali Beads Come in a Variety of Shapes

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