6012 – 15.4x14mm Swarovski Flat Briolette Pendant – Ruby


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Swarovski Elements 6012 Flat Briolette is an elegant crystal pendant which will be the focal point of any jewelry project. The sparkling, precision-cut facets reflect light from every angle. The Flat Briolette Pendant is both extravagant and versatile. It features a classic pear shape with an innovative flat silhouette and an elongated hole on top. These flat pendants can be strung on beading wire or dangled from your stringing material with a wire wrapped triangle bail for a delicate drop effect.

  • Shape: Flat Briolette Teardrop Pendants
  • Style #: 6012
  • Material: Swarovski Austrian Crystal
  • Measurements: 14mm Wide x 15.4mm Long  and   6mm -Thickness 
  • Hole size is approximately 1.5mm (0.06in) and fits up to 16 gauge wire and stringing materials.
  • Country of Origin: Austria

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